The Weekender – A taste of Jewish summer camp – and it’s free!

Ari is 7 years old. He’s really excited he’s very outgoing, energetic,
and he loves the outdoors. It’s just a great opportunity for kids to
get up there for a few days to experience it so that way next year she will maybe go
for the two week program, a month! They are eager parents are a little bit more
nervous than the kids and the kids just can’t wait to get on the bus and be part of the
action up at camp. It was my first time going to sleep over camp
(and what do you think so far?) I was nervous. Then I enjoyed it so much ! It’s good it’s
fun! The weekender is what I would consider metaphorically
sort of the seed it’s the first chance where they get that little bit of exposure. We are planting something we are planting
ideas with them. It’s their exposure to the values that the
camp brings to the sense of community to the activities the programs the independence that
comes with camp. It allows kids to come up to camp for the
weekend and try it out and do things they have never done before. (singing). We want them to be involved Jewish community
members and that is something that camp gives them in a way that no other area of their Jewish life
can. I’m having the best time at camp. I would definitely come back.

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