This is the Israeli Weekend

Ever thought:
Who invented the weekend? Well, it’s there for us
after each and every hectic week. Whether you spend it partying,
with the kids, napping, this is the Israeli weekend
in 70 seconds. The weekend starts on Thursday evening. That’s right, we have
a Friday-Saturday weekend. At that point you’re at a bar,
at a restaurant, or already dancing. Or you might be at home trying to find a crazy new way
to entertain the kids. Then there’s Friday morning –
everyone is shopping, I mean everyone, it’s like the Apocalypse is coming. Avocado! Ah… Friday afternoon. If you’re a religious Muslim
you might be at the mosque for prayers, or you might be walking the dog
or having coffee with friends or running around like crazy
preparing for dinner. Friday night. Whether you’re
religious or secular this is precious family time. On Saturday – Shabbat –
most Israelis rest. Religious Jews don’t drive
or use electricity and have a spiritual day
at the synagogue. Some find hiking restful… Others binge-watch… Jog… Go to brunch or a concert… Or go to the beach! Burying their toes in the warm sand. So when you think of this
ancient tradition of taking a day of rest, that’s what started
the whole concept of the weekend. Thank God for that!

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