Time management advice for Travel Sales Consultants [ Realities of the Role – Ep 5 ]

(playful music) (mumbles) – gotta get – (laughs) – Okay. So just any time? (playful music) It’s a busy job, write a
to-do list every single day. Each task you tick off
creates a better tomorrow. And if you don’t complete
it, write it down again. – At the start of your day, make sure to write everything down. It makes sure you don’t forget things and also gets you out of the head-space “Oh, I’ve got way too
much on my plate today.” – I have absolutely everything
in my electronic diary. I have all the dates that
my customers are travelling and the service expectations
that I’ve set for them. – Prioritising tasks helps
me to keep a clear focus and switch off at the end of each day. Admittedly, this has
taken some time to achieve as there’s so much to learn
when you first start out. – So, at the start of every day, I’ll usually put together a to-do list. And that has all my most important things and then the less important things. And then, once I’ve done that, I’ll usually contact all
my most important clients. And there might be a text,
or a phone call, or an email. And that’s that just to make sure that I’m in their mind
at the start of the day. – What was really key
for my first few months was keeping a planner. I found I was so much more
forgetful than I usually was, and just having that there all the time really kept me on track and focused. (playful music)

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