Tom Brady Was Shocked to Play on Wild Card Weekend | Gridiron Heights S4E19

– I’m here for the… [sigh] Wild Card Games. – Hey, guys, Tom Brady is here for the wild card? – WOAH
– Good
– Did he get lost? – OH HEY, OLD PAL, I WILL CHOP OFF MY PENIS TO BEAT YOU. – [All together:] VRABEL, NO! – His hand actually looks pretty good. – Are you sure you want to go all-in with him? – I can’t believe I’m not out with the bye teams. – CAN WE ORDER OFF THE KIDS MENU EVEN THOUGH
WE’RE IN OUR 20s? – I want… IT ALL. – Is this old man with your party? – I think?
– For now
– It’s a pleasure to meet you, Drew Brees. – Aight, I got a full house then. – We have an empty house, except for Boston Scott. – Our whole team is wicked banged up. – I raise you eight. – And I’ll lateral! – I’m not sure you know how to play this game. – Mr. Rodgers, did you play before they invented the yellow first-down line? – You know that line is just on TV? – [Together:] I can see it. – Hey, babe, Garopps needs another drink. – NO! NO! NOT AGAIN. TAYSOM, START THE CAR. – UNDER PRESSURE, I RESPECTFULLY FOLD. – I gave it everything I had. – Aight. – WHAT?! NOT THE TITANS. – HERE YOU GO, TOMMY BOY! – [All together:] NOOOO. – Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Aaron Rodgers. You know, they guys who’s always making sweet comebacks. You should subscribe to Bleacher Report so you can always come back to watch more videos. – Ok, thank you Aaron, that was great. Hey, see if we can get someone young, like Lamar Jackson. You know, someone who like fits our demo a little better.


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