Toronto: Weekend Trip to Toronto

Welcome back to Escapades with Emma. I’m Emma as you may have gathered, and this
week we’ll be visiting ….TORONTO! So, my niece turned two last month and I didn’t
get to see her, and I haven’t seen my sister since around Christmas, so I decided to visit
her for weekend. We’re going to go , um, to the spa, and to
lunch, and to a show…So this won’t be a super touristy video. I’ll just kind of be 48 hours in Toronto,….well
more… not quite 72. 60. 60 hours in Toronto. I came to the airport early to get a little
bit of editing done, but this place is empty so I can show you guys how tiny it is.>>Passengers traveling on flight 8961 to Toronto,
we are now showing a departure time of 10:35 pm. Departure time of 10:35.>>Let’s check if that’s me. ……. 10:35. Yup, that’s me. My father has somewhat of a disease, um, jokingly,
he likes to show up at the airport way too early and I inherited this disease. And I showed up at a 2 gate airport, or 5
gate airport , something like that, at um 6pm for an 8pm boarding. And it just got pushed until after 10pm. So, my very kind roommate is coming to get
me. I’m back at the airport , a little more reasonable
time this time, 9:45pm, the flight due to leave at 10:30pm. I’m off to bed, catch you guys tomorrow. We’re gonna go catch a bus and go get hot
stone massages. If you were ever wondering what April in Canada
looks like….this is it. That’s a poster for the musical we’re going
to tonight. I just got a hot stone massage, after spending
like an hour in a hot tub and a steam room. And now I’m going for a three course lunch. I think I’m two inches taller than I was an
hour ago. That was the best massage I’ve had in years. Cheers.>>Whatcha got there sister?>>This is shrimp with fresh cream.>>And I have the kale caesar with focaccia…>>Curtons
>>How’s your shrimp sister?>>Gone.>>We’re making quick work of the wine too. We asked if we could the rest of it down to
the relaxation area, but I don’t know that that’s going to be an issue.>>What do you have there sister?>>Haddock with buere blanc, and boc choy.>>It looks really good, and I have chicken
supreme….>>How is it?>>Very good.>>These guys are the most delicious things
I’ve ever had in my life. They’re like, charred brussel sprout leaves.>>Chocolate torte. Things are about to get indecent in here,
so no more.>>Just enjoyed the hydrotherapy room, and
had lovely showers and got all dolled up. Now, we’re headed to the musical after some
coffee.>>So where are we going sister?>>We are going to the bickadees.
>>and sister translation: that’s Starbucks.>>This is Nathan Phillip Square in front of
the Toronto city hall, we’ve got the court house over there, and…the Toronto Sign. It’s a big draw for tourist for pictures and
stuff something you may not notice, is along the sides they have written all the names
of the different neighbourhoods in the area and in Toronto there are lots of them. These are all different neighbourhoods, York,
High Park, Bloor West Village, the Financial District… which I’m pretty sure is right
over there.>>This is the beautiful Osgood Hall, there
appears to be a wedding over there. It is a courthouse as well as a law school.>>yeah>>We’re in Queen West, we found a bicks, or
bickadees… is that what you call it?>>Yup
>>Bickadees, and we’re walking.>>A Bickadees behind us. Bickadees is ubiquitous….Hahahah
I’m punny. I make dad jokes. So behind me is the princess of wales theatre
where we’re going to see the performance tonight.>>Megan: She is a Torontoian tour guide if there ever was one “That is a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.. a
rather old one”>>TIFF Headquarters.>>The NEW TIFF Headquarters
>>and this is the longest …….Street car the longest street car line in North America? Is that what you said?>>So sister, what did you think of the Book of Mormon?>>It was funny.>>It was very funny. She did not necessarily know what it was about
, but you know what? We learned a lot about Mormons. What was your favourite part?>>Maybe the devil dream.>>I liked um the beginning and the end with
all the ding-dongs. The bells. HAHAHA>>So I just took out my contacts and got in my jammies. The book of mormon is a great show. It’s written by the guys who write South Park,
so there is bound to be some”Off colour” humour. Looks like the Mormon church has had a fairly
good sense of humour about it. Can you believe that? It’s in the program. That was an awesome day with my sister.She’s
the best, she’s so much fun and I love you sister, thank you so much for an awesome day
and a wonderful birthday gift. So I’m in Pearson, a few hours early, because
my two-year niece needs to sleep. She’ll gonna be a little upset when I leave and
that’s why I haven’t been filming the last few days. But I’m here at Mill St. have a lovely sandwich
and a great beer and have a couple hours to kill.>>Well, That’ll do it for this quick trip to Toronto. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked this, please let me know in the
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