Tour the Pediatric OR with Operation Sneak-a-Peek

(playful music) – Hi, I’m Maddy. – And I’m Brittt, and
we’re best friends. I’m 11 and Maddy’s 7. – We go to the same school. – Last month we both had
operations at the hospital, on the Same Day. I had my tonsils
and adnoids out. I’d had an operation before, but I was still
a little worried. – I had my hernia repaired. – She called it her bump. She’d never had an
operation before, so she was kind of scared. I helped Maddy get ready
because I’ve done this before. I told her a doctor would
help her fall asleep with anesthesia and she would
be comfortable and sleeping until her operation was over. That’s just what happened. She wasn’t awake for
any of the operation. Her tummy hurt a
little bit afterward where they had fixed her bump. My throat was a
little sore afterward, but not enough to make me
cry or keep me from sleeping. We want to tell you
about our operations, so you will know what
to expect in case you need an operation. (gentle music) – Hey.
– Hi. – Hi Maddie. – Our parents drove
us to the hospital. We parked in the parking garage and went into the hospital. The nurse told us we could not
have any breakfast that day. Only a Popsicle, or a
couple of sips of water. So that’s what we had. – [Maddy] I brought a book
and Gloria, she’s my bear. – [Britt] I brought
Frankie, my stuffed giraffe. (playful music) – Hi, how are you today? – Hi, how are you? What’s your name? – Britt.
– Britt. – The lady at the desk
asked some questions and typed the answers
into her computer. – And, are you gonna go
home today, or are you staying over? Do you know? – I’m going home. – You’re gonna go home today. – [Britt] We went
to the waiting room and sat down in some chairs. – Hi, I’m looking
for Maddie and Britt. Hi, I’m Sean, I’m gonna
take you guys out back. Okay? – Okay. – Are you guys ready for this? (playful music) – [Britt] I followed
him down a hallway that led to the kids
part of Same Day Surgery. There are lots of
little rooms and nurses and other patients. He took us into our
own little rooms. Maddie and I had different rooms but we both had the
same kind of pajamas. – Hey Britt, I’ll be out here. – [Britt] Then we got weighed. – You are 54 and a half pounds. – [Britt] The nurse gave
me a bracelet with my name and my birthday
and a number on it. And told me I would wear
that until I went home. And I could even wear it
at home, if I wanted to. – [Maddie] I got one too. – [Britt] The nurse put this
little clip on Maddie’s finger called the pulse oximeter. It didn’t hurt at all. It was connected to a
TV screen that gave her a beep every time her heart beat and made a kind
of squiggly line. He said it would measure
how much oxygen was in her blood, and how fast
her heart was beating. I got one too. There’s a play room
where kids can play while they’re waiting to
get ready for surgery. It was nice, but I stayed
in my own room with Frankie. – Hi Maddie, I’m Jenna. I’m a child life specialist. How are you? – [Maddie] Good.
– Good. My job is to help you out help get ready for
falling asleep. And help you while you’re here. For your surgery. – [Britt] Then we met
this person called a child life specialist. She talked to us about
what was going to happen. She could tell Maddie
was a little worried and told her it
was okay to worry. She stayed with her,
showed her pictures, and answered all the
questions she had. She came to see me, too. I was pretty nervous because
when I had surgery before I didn’t like using the
mask to fall asleep. She told me that it was okay
that I didn’t like the mask and that there are other
kids that sometimes don’t like it either. She told me about another
way to fall asleep called an IV. So for this operation,
I used an IV. An IV is a very small tube that helps get medicine
into your body quickly. There would be a small
poke to help numb the skin where my IV would be. I was a little nervous
about the poke, but the child life
specialist helped me think of ways to make
getting the poke easier. – [Maddie] I used the
mask to fall asleep. I didn’t want a poke. – Hi, how are you? – Is this Britt?
– Yes. – Hi Britt, nice to meet you. I’m Dr. Mike, I’m one
of the sleepy doctors. Who’s this here with ya? – My dad.
– It’s your dad. – Hi Mike.
– Nice to meet you dad. – Nice to meet you. – [Britt] The anesthesiologist
came to see us. – Good job Maddie. That’s exactly how we do that. – [Britt] They are the
ones Maddie needed to ask about using a mask. They said it was okay. They asked the same questions
we had already heard. They had funny hats and masks. – At first it won’t smell
like anything, okay? But then it’s gonna
get kind of stinky, kind of like if you’re
sniffing a marker. Okay, and that will only be
for a few seconds. And then before you know
it, you’ll be off to sleep. Okay? It’ll be pretty easy. – [Maddie] But how will I
know if I’m already asleep? – You won’t really know. You won’t really know if
you’re already asleep. You’ll just sort of
let yourself drift off. It’ll be pretty easy. – [Maddie] Okay.
– Okay? – [Maddie] Yeah.
– All right. – [Britt] The child life
specialist gave Maddie a mask to decorate with stickers. She helped Maddie practice
what she would need to do to fall asleep. It was time for me to get my IV. I was still nervous
for the poke. But I held my dad’s hand,
and watched a movie too. That’s the plan I made with
the child life specialist to help make things easier. Before I knew it,
the nurse was done and my IV was all set. It wasn’t hard at all. – All righty, great job. – [Britt] Then the
surgeon came to visit me. I even had some
questions for her too. – Good morning. – [Britt] Hi.
– My name’s Kelly, and I’m gonna be one of
the operating room nurses with you this morning while
you have your surgery. – [Britt] The operating room
nurse came to say hello next. She was going to help take care
of me while I was sleeping. She said she would even
have a very warm blanket waiting for me in the OR. Finally, the
anesthesiologist came back to take me to the
operating room. Since I had an IV,
I got some medicine before we left my room. It made me feel very relaxed. That helped a lot. They told me one person
could come with me so I asked my dad. He put on some special
clothes, and off we went. (playful music) I remember going into
the operating room. The lights were bright,
and there were lots of nice people in there wearing
green clothes, and hats. And they had masks over
their mouths and noses to keep germs from escaping. – Hi Brittany. I’m Kelly, I’m one
of the OR nurses. I met you earlier in
the Same Day Program. – [Britt] The room was
chilly, but there was a warm blanket for me. Everyone was really friendly and they treated me like
I was really special. There were machines
in there too. The biggest was the
anesthesia machine. It looked like the control
panel for a spaceship. The anesthesiologists
give you some medicine to help you fall asleep. When you’re falling asleep,
you can tell a story, play a video game,
watch a video, or just be quiet. I wanted to tell a story. Falling asleep with
an IV was much easier than the mask, for me. – I liked the mask. – [Britt] All she
remembers is the bubblegum breathing mask on her face. Then she just went to sleep
until the surgery was over. (playful music) When we woke up
after the surgery we were in the same
room we had before we went into the operating room. We even had the same
nurses taking care of us. Maddie had an IV in
her hand, like me. But it didn’t hurt. They told her it would help her in case she needed
medicine to feel better. – Britt, you’re just waking up. You’re all done. Let me get that mask
off your face, okay? All righty. It’s right here. Behind your pillow. How are you feeling,
are you okay? – Mm-hmm.
– Good. Are you having any pain? No, awesome. Good job. – [Britt] We stayed
there for a little while so we could wake up all the way. Then they gave Maddie
a ride to another room because she was
spending the night. Some kids have to spend
the night in the hospital or stay even longer. That depends on what kind
of surgery they have. I didn’t have to stay overnight. I got to go home in the
afternoon after the operation. But just stayed in bed
and watched movies. When it was time for me
to leave the hospital they gave me a ride to
the door in a wheelchair. That was fun. – All righty, bye bye. Take care.
– Bye bye. – And that’s the story
of our operations. – The end! (playful music)


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