Ugly Christmas Sweater Haul with Ro!

– Hey guys it’s Justine
and I’m here with Ro today. And we are getting super
festive for the holidays. I wanted to do an Amazon holiday haul fashion whatever, I’m not even sure. So I was originally gonna do this video with just myself.
– Oh gosh. – And Ro’s like come on
let’s take some videos. I had to order you some small tiny sizes. And I absolutely don’t think any of these are gonna fit you, I don’t even know. – None of them are gonna be tiny. – I don’t know, I got
like some kids sizes. But then I’m like, I
don’t know what size kid size you are.
– I’m like a medium. But sometimes a large.
– Oh, okay. Well let’s just see what happens. So I have a bunch of stuff here. You’ve got a bunch of
stuff here so I think maybe we just kind of go
through and pick something out. – There are so many holiday sweaters and ugly sweaters in front of us. Where do we even begin?
– I don’t know. But go ahead, you can pick your first one. – I’m gonna pick this one. – Alright, I’m gonna pick this one. So all of these, I got on Amazon. I don’t remember the
sizes, I know nothing. – Oh, oh.
– That’s a little. That’s a little dress. Good thing you put leggings on. – What do you have?
– I’ve got a reindeer hoodie. – Oh my gosh, it has googly eyes. – It does, this looks pretty big but, oh my gosh, it even has a tail. – Okay, we need to try these on. – Okay, let’s go.
– This is too good. – Let’s try them on.
– Okay, be right back. Oh yeah, look at all this fashion. Oh you gotta pull this down. It’s not, so is this a dress? It’s a dress, sweater dress. – Yeah, here we go, that
actually kinda fits you. – Oh wow.
– You look good. – It fits me pretty good. – Yeah, that looks really great. I think you’re ready for
all of your holiday fashion. – Look at you, you little deer. – Let me put on my hoodie. – Will you just put up the hoodie. – Okay, I love this, I absolutely love it. – What do you guys think? If we got invited to an ugly
Christmas sweater party, do you think that they would let us in? – I think so. (humming) What could possibly be next? Let’s pick our next one, that I’m not sure if it’s gonna fit you
cause it was on a very small child in the picture, uh-oh. – What’s this? Oh my gosh.
– Sweater dress. – It’s a sweater dress,
like those party dresses. And this is, it’s a sweater
dress and then you’ve got little bears on it.
– It’s pretty cute. – It’s flippin’ really cute Justine. – Yeah, I think yours is an accessory. You can just put that on. – I’ll model this for you
guys while you change. – Alright. – Alright so this is a scarf,
but it’s also a hat I believe. And oh, and it’s also
mittens here at the end. Is it uneven?
– Oh it is because you tie it. – You tie it?
– You tie it so like one side goes around your neck. So put the long side around your neck. – Okay, oh there we go
and then you just do this. (humming) One, it’s functional but
I’m wondering what is this? What is this up here?
– It’s, I think it’s a deer.
– A red deer? – I don’t know. – I’m like a red deer? – Yeah and you put your
little hands in there and keep them warm.
– Well why am I red? – I don’t know.
– Okay. You need an accessory too.
– Okay, you’re right I do. Oh, these are cool.
– Wow. – I love these so much, oh. – You look really cute in those. – I feel really cute. – Blingy antlers, that’s the way to go. – I just wanna sing Christmas carols now. – Okay, can you see these little antlers? – Yeah, this actually looks
good, that looks nice. So we’ve got our antlers. (humming) – I’m into everything that
we’ve got going on here. – You know everything here
has fit and it’s been a win. – That’s good, so let’s find
something that might not fit. – Okay, let’s try something new. – Okay, I don’t know
what’s gonna happen there. – I have not seen all
of the holiday sweaters, but this may be one of
the ugliest, let us see. – Well I’ve got a dress. (laughing) This is disgusting.
– Oh my gosh. – So let’s see if yours
is as ugly as this. – Okay, let’s see this. This may be–
– Oh my goodness. – Look at his head.
– It’s disgusting. I think it might fit you though. – Oh my, oh my gosh Justine,
look at those bun cheeks. – Oh my gosh, Santa’s
load, look at that butt. Alright, let’s put these on. – This is it Justine.
– Oh my god. This is so ugly. – Look at him, I’ve given
Santa a little piggy back. – Oh my god, you are. (humming) Hey, can you zip me? – Justine, you’re actually
really cute in this dress. Oh there we go, okay, it’s on. – You know I think it
was not like oh my gosh. – We have a loose thread. – Oh my god.
– This needs burned. Should we burn it and roast marshmallows? – I wouldn’t wear that to a holiday party. – It’s marshmallow s’more time. I love the sweater though.
– This is a winner though. And talk about conversation starter. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Ho, ho, ho.
– Yeah, ho, ho, ho. People are gonna be like, wow. I’m gonna be like Santa’s
piggy backing on me. Woo, check that out.
– I love it, it’s so cute. – Now this one, wow. – Oh, this one comes with a little scarf. – Whoa, accessories already. And this one has bling on it. – Oh my god, I love
this, I love it so much. – Oh my gosh, it’s a little snowman dress. – It is, I’m shook. – Okay, we need to change.
– Okay. – We need to change. Wait, let me see, okay it’s
a little see through, but. – Well I have a tank top under here. – Still really cute.
– But look at this. – It’s one of them flip it things. Is it a belt?
– It’s a scarf. – It’s a scarf belt.
– Yes, it’s a scarf belt. But I love this, it changes colors. – Okay so if you push it down, it says. – I’m on Santa’s bad list. Oh no, flip it the other
way, flip it the other way. – Wait, I’m on Santa’s bad list. What does it say on this side?
– I’m on Santa’s good list. This is fantastic, I love it. – Okay, so this is one of those naughty or nice situations, I’m into this and it actually fits me well. – It does, I’m so glad. I wasn’t trying to guess sizes. – Look at this, you did really good. – Oh man.
– But yeah, I like this, even though it may be
a little see through. That’s okay.
– Oh my gosh. This is really cute,
I’ve never seen a holiday sweater like this.
– This is amazing. – Where the whole body is the snowman. – I love it.
– Look at. Wait, you have to put
your hair back one time so you can see the eyeballs. See his got his little carrot nose. Oh my gosh.
– I know. – Okay, this is cute.
– This is super cute. – This is very cute and I like these. – Should we open up a couple accessories? These are supposed to be light up hats. – Wait, here’s a battery that popped out. – Oh, wow.
– Wow, I’m ready to party. – Oh, ho, ho, ho, no way. – I’m ready, oh I’m ready.
– Dude, I’m so hyped. – Can you see the lights flashing? Yes, can you see mine?
– Oh, they’re so cute. This goes perfect together cause it’s a little snowmen and it’s a snowman. – I’m so excited about our outfits. – We should wear these
snowboarding we’d look great. – Next we’ll do these ones,
so I don’t know what that is though.
– What is this? Okay we’ve got stars on the back. Oh snap, are you kidding.
– It’s a unicorn. – It’s a unicorn, it’s
holiday unicorn, I love it. – And I’ve got a little,
oh, this looks a little big. – Oh wow, reindeer, okay this is cool. – This is cool, I’m into it. This is a nice little sleepy time. – What is this made out of now? Cause it goes from like
cotton to like some legging. Maybe you can do holiday yoga.
– Maybe. – Maybe it’s built for yoga things. Okay, I gotta take this
off, let’s try ’em on. Oh my gosh, I wanna be unicorn so bad. Oh yeah you guys, check this out. – Oh my goodness I like this. I might even travel home
in this for the holidays. – This is so cute, I have to say this is very creative because
the horn looks like a candy. Like a little peppermint candy. – It does, oh, it’s so great. – Are these leggings?
– They don’t look very nice. – Oh my god, let me
wear ’em, let’s try ’em. (laughing) – They’re disgusting.
– Okay Justine, these are so bad.
– They’re hideous. – I would never wear these to yoga class. Cut to me wearing these in yoga class because I have no other laundry clean. Wait, let me move this,
you just can’t see all of the glory of these pants.
– You cannot. – Let’s try and do some yoga in these. – Let’s grow our branches, namaste. These are terrible, I hate them. They look, they look just gross. – It’s so weird.
– They’re disgusting. – I mean, who puts holy on their pants? – I don’t know, I’m so sorry to even make you put those on.
– They’re gross. Who puts holy on their pants? I think there’s holy back here too. – I almost slapped your butt. It was just like there so I just went– – Well it’s big and red,
it looks like a target. – It does, I was like.
– We’re running around in these, it looks like a target. – They’re like the worst,
the absolute worst, oh man. They’re terrible, they look actually cute with those boots though. – These are little holiday boots I got. – I like them.
– They’re like really adorable.
– Oh my god. (laughing) Don’t worry, my dog
was like, are you okay. She came by to see if I was
alright, I’m okay, I’m okay. – She’s okay.
– Soft carpet. – Oh my god.
– Over here. – Alright, are you alright. – I am so good and I’m also,
I’m ready for sexy Santa. – Okay, okay.
– Yeah. I wanna put on a sexy Santa sweater. – Let’s put it on and see what happens. – Oh yes, that’s what’s up. – Mine’s a little bit big, it was a large. I think they gave me the wrong size. – Okay, Justine’s is hilarious. You’ve got two ornaments.
– Oh my gosh. They’re hanging off of my nipples. Am I gonna get demonetized?
– What’s on the back? – I don’t know.
– You just have like a hairy back.
– That’s fine. Oh my gosh.
– There’s just hair. – Are these tattoos, do I
have like holiday tattoos? – I think these are your sleeve tattoos. Look, you’ve got a Christmas tree tattoo, a deer, a stocking,
and now what’s on here. – I mean you’re just.
– I’m just wearing like. – Wow.
– I’m just wearing a tie. – Yes, I’m loving your look. – What’s on the back, what’s on the back? – Nothing, nothing, it’s just red. Yeah it’s just the design. – Oh, it’s like he’s wearing a
jacket, there’s just nothing? – Like, hello.
– But he’s got like an eight-pack or something going on here. – Right, do you work out or what’s up? – Look at all these muscles.
– My goodness. – It goes really good with these pants so I left ’em on.
– Those leggings are absolutely disgusting.
– Cause I feel like this is a full Santa
suit so it looks really good. – Those are so awful.
– Justine, these necklaces you got will be perfect,
because on your sweater, you’re already, you have it built in. But you’re wearing a light necklace. – You’re right.
– I feel like, these are the perfect–
– Accessory– – Accessories to this outfit.
– For sure. – Oh my gosh, there’s
so many great outfits that we tried on today.
– We did. – Should we go over which
ones are our favorite? – Yes, which was your
favorite, let’s go for it. – Alright, let me find the favorite. Okay, favorite, this
one, this is the weirdest holiday sweater I have ever
put on my body and I loved it. – It’s so cute.
– It was like Santa’s giving me a hug, but
it’s also just really bizarre. I think it even snaps, I
don’t understand what’s going on here and I really love
it and that’s why I love it. – And I love this one,
it’s a little snowman and I love it because it’s
actually really nice quality and it comes with this little
scarf to tie around it. – It’s so creative.
– I’m gonna wear it to my sister’s Christmas party, for sure. – Are you really?
– Yes. – Does she do a sweater party? – She goes all out, she’s been decorating for Christmas since last year. – If you don’t get her one of these, she’s gonna be jealous.
– You’re right. I’m gonna have to get
her one, she’ll love it. – You should get her one
of these or one of these. – You know this is
something I’d love to remove from my body.
– And you could do this and you could dance like this and you can say happy holidays, sister. – Happy holidays.
– Happy holidays. And she’s gonna hate it,
she’ll be like, stop. And just keep doing it.
– This is incredible. Well, I guess that’s it thank
you guys so much for watching. I’m gonna leave in the
description if I can even find all of these on Amazon again. If you guys are interested
in getting any of these. But thank you so much Ro. We have done so many fun videos together. I’ll put all of these in the description. Go subscribe, go say
hello and happy holidays from our really awesome
tan bodies to yours. – Yeah, happy holidays you guys. – Bye-bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)


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