Universal Studios Secret Tour | Immigration Room at the Men In Black: Alien Attack Ride!

okay so we’re here at Universal as you
see and we are going to try to get into
men in black immigration room tour they don’t do it often only when they have the
staff for it and we’ve been trying. very rare. so fingers crossed.
right? let’s see if we can do it I’m sorry this is so cool
oh my gosh oh I see the card game going on oh. “Yeah don’t mes with it they will be very mad” I
believe it oh my gosh and we can sit in the chair? oh my gosh
so freaking cool this is amazing. this is amazing. didn’t
you say Jeff that there was a Star Wars reference down here somewhere? oh my gosh how friggin cool I am so
excited right now this is the greatest thing ever.
here’s a little easter egg bumblebee They are looking him up. Hm little easter eggs. I’m going to come up over here To get a look this way. They are allergic to humans though so we cannot
touch them or else they’re going to die how friggin cool I am just so happy right now
that just that made my whole year or two years having a universal
pass. we were able to do it and honestly I think it was because I told but she
was they first told us no and I was like ah well what’s the secret what’s the
secret to doing and they just kept saying they just have to have a staff for
it so I really really thought that they were gonna say no but no as you see we
got to do it finally yeah It was super cool I enjoyed it yeah it made like the whole day yeah
you’ll see all the pictures that we took in everything about it but I really did
not think that was gonna happen and it was so cool because everyone was looking
down at us like wondering how did they get yeah well some people stopped and
they were like I get a shock like and we were able and the best thing to do is we
went on the ride right after that they just put us on we didn’t even have to
wait in line or anything that was like the coolest thing ever life completed thanks for watching be sure to LIKE and

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