UNSW Main Library Tour featuring Jasper the Samoyed

Welcome to the Main Library. Today our special guest Jasper is showing
us around. Before you visit, make sure you drop by the
Nucleus to get your Student ID card, as you need it to print and borrow books. Most of your course readings for class will
be online on the Library website, but books found on the shelves can be checked out on
Level 2 We have friendly Librarians in the Help Zone
who will happily assist you with your study questions or research needs. Here at the Library we have laptops you can
borrow for 4 hours. Once you have everything you need to study,
there’s plenty of places for you to sit. You can book rooms for group study, or you
can take a lift to Levels 6 and 7 for quiet study areas. If you need a break from all that work, head
down to Level 3 to chill in our Retreat space.

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