UW Campus Tour: Athletic Events

Hi everyone my name is Maggie and I’m a
tour guide here at the University of Washington. Today we’ll be going on a
tour to check out some of our athletic facilities here on campus and show how
you can be a part of all the action as a future Husky. All right, let’s go check
it out. Here we are at the University of Washington Light Rail station. This
station will get you to downtown Seattle in just a few minutes or SeaTac Airport
in about 45 minutes or if you’re checking out a Mariners game, a Sounders
game, anything like that it will get you there in about six stops. All of this is
easily accessible with your student ID card or your husky card and it’ll get
you there with just the top of your card. Right behind me we’ve made it to the
gorgeous Husky Stadium, also known as the greatest setting in college football.
Every fall we have our Dawg Saturdays which are football games in the fall and
70,000 fans pack into the stadium. Everybody’s cheering on the Huskies
waving purple and gold. One end of the stadium yells go the other end is
yelling Huskies and this place is booming all over Montlake. People go
tailgating out here, people go sailgating out here, which for those of you who
don’t know is tailgating on a boat because we are on the gorgeous Montlake
cut and people are coming from all around Seattle to join in the Husky
pride of gameday. All right let’s go check out our next place, here we go!
Here we are at Alaska Airlines Arena which is home to our men’s and women’s
basketball teams, our gymnastics team, also known as the Gym Dawg, as well as our
volleyball team which ranked eighth nationally this past season. As a student,
it’s free for most sporting events, so don’t be afraid to come check it out, sit
in our student section known as the Dawg Pack, and cheer on your fellow Huskies. Here
we are at the Husky tennis courts. On a nice day you and your friends can come
play out here or you can come support our Husky tennis team while occasionally
enjoying a free slice pizza. Here we are at the IMA or the intramural activity
center. This is the largest gym you could ever imagine. We have a whole room
dedicated to cardio machines, we have a weight room, we have an indoor pool, we
also have an indoor track upstairs, as well as archery rooms, dance studios, mat
rooms, racquetball courts, really whatever sport or activity you’re into, we
probably have a space for you. If you’re interested in taking some
workout classes or yoga or dance classes we also offer those and are often taught
by UW students right in these facilities. All of our students can sign
up and compete in various IMA league sports. These happen right outside the
IMA, whether it’s beach volleyball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, rugby, lacrosse or
anything else you can really think of, we probably have a league for you. Whether you
played your entire life or today’s the day you decide to pick up a new sport
we’ll find fellow Huskies that you’ll get to compete against out here in our IMA
field. Here we are at the home of UW’s track and field team. Right next door to
us are our soccer fields as well as Husky Ballpark. All of these sporting events
are free for students so make sure you come check it out and cheer on our
Huskies. Welcome to Conibear Shellhouse here
on the shores of the beautiful Lake Washington. This is the primary home to
our men’s and women’s rowing team and was constructed out here in 1949. Both of
our teams have had a rich history here on this campus with our women’s team
placing first nationally this past season. Well, this concludes our campus
tour for the day. Thanks for checking out all our athletic facilities here at
UW. We can’t wait to see you out here cheering on your Huskies, so until then
go Dawgs!

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