VIETNAM – Hang En (Oxalis Höhlen-Tour) – MotoVlog #15

now it goes through the jungle and here it is let’s go into nothing speechless just realise the size of the cave just unbelievable good morning Vietnam now we are on our way to the start of the cave tour right now we’re standing on the Ho-Chi-Minh Highway on a bridge in the national park now we begin the tour from the start to the DOONG village right there now it goes through the jungle here are snakes, leeches, toxic plants through the jungle, through the underwood if you want you can do the Tarzan and swing around for the first time we cross a little river and later we go there now we walk through a little stream it’s important to have shoes that are not water resistant because the water will stay inside my shoes are alreade used to Spartan Race and Xletix and my trousers also dry fast it goes through the bush that’s why you need long trousers because the toxic plants look like this normal ones if you touch them it will hurt also good against leeches at first they stay on top of the trousers and cannot directly suck the blood out of you that’s the POISON IVY, the toxic plant lonely walking through this stream now we arrived at the DOONG VILLAGE the village consists of about ten houses now he talkes about the village and the inhabitants after lunch we continue walking through the heat it’s about 32°C, but it’s okay there will follow a lot of river crossings it goes over and under or it goes through there seems to be a little cave many butterflies there are white ones inside there are yellow ones flying around now we’re walking through the river bed at rain seasons the river carries a lot more water it’s about 10 meters higher now it’s just a little stream we are still about 1 kilometer from the cave but also from here it looks very tall there is the entrance to the cave just a few hundred meters to go there it is still 200m away, but already huge here it is at the top it has a small entrance but inside it’s huge inside it’s about 120m high here is for us the entrance to the cave let’s go into nothing now it goes deep into the cave there was the entrance and there we will continue we have to climb inside the cave speechless…. just realise the size of the cave 120m high and the big entrance where the bats enter in the early morning this scree infront of the entrance you climb down a raft takes you to the sandbank and here are the tents the second from the left is mine with this view there we will have dinner the tents of the guides there they now prepare the meal and here is our nice pool let’s go into the water you don’t often have such a pool again the campground the huge cave our pool and the entrance good morning Vietnam you don’t often have such a view now we climb up this screes to the exit of the cave we’re at the other side of the cave there’s also a big scree mountain we climbed up here you see the campground the river goes this direction it leads to the exit of the cave there is the other scree that blocked the way for the river the river then looked for a new way now we go deeper into the cave now we are behind the scree mountain it’s right there there are many stalactites and stalagmites here there is a big pillar here you can see fossils over 300 million years old they go along the rock there are some terrace pools now we are approaching the exit of the cave this exit also was scene of the movie PAN we’re coming more close to the exit we came through this dark hole there’s a big log that was carried by the flood that is getting up to 20-30m high and here’s the huge exit known from the movie PAN and now we go downwards also inside the cave we have to cross the river you can see the drops falling down just unbelievable here’s the exit of the cave and here the river continues to flow into the jungle just to show you the height now we go back to the camp for lunch there’s another log, carried by the flood and there flows the river right now we go a different route back to the campground here we are again crossing the river there’s the river passing our campground there’s the scree mountain inside the cave where we started our tour today and now we go back home, leaving the cave again we walk through the jungle back to the street, the civilization I always have leeches on me going into my shoes it goes over stick and over stone


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