Virtual Tour of New GVSU Library

I chose Grand Valley because I knew it opened
doors to a great future. I have to do well my classes now to be ready for a career
when I graduate. When I graduate. I want to make a
difference. I want to make a difference. I want to make a difference. This is what
students are asking themselves. I know I need to be ready to capitalize on the
opportunities ahead. Will I even recognize them? This is why they’re
coming to Grand Valley State University. Can I make an impact at my job and my
community? Can I make an impact in my job and my community? Nearly 50 years of
educational innovation has brought Grand Valley to the point where we are
recognized among the top universities in the country, it’s our responsibility to
build on this legacy. Grand Valley is making a far-reaching commitment to our
students, we are making the resources available to ensure the skills they are
learning reflect the realities of the workplace and prepare them to be
successful. The Mary Idema pew library learning and information Commons is a
carefully enriched environment where students can continue to work started in
the classroom in fact it can add a dimension of growth and learning that a
classroom doesn’t always offer, it is redefining what a library should be. This
is one of the top goals of the shaping our future campaign, providing the
support for a new learning facility that meets the imperatives of today’s
environment. For most students learning continues well beyond the boundaries of
the classroom, the traditional library quiet and still crowded with books is no
longer adequate for the work they need to do outside of class, the Learning
Commons is different it’s designed as a fluid, dynamic academic hub that draws
students in and invites them to linger and explore ideas. By placement and
design the Learning Commons is intended to be the intellectual heart of campus a
place where students and faculty can come together and share ideas and
concepts, it’s also intended to provide a rich, flexible learning environment and
to promote student success. Opening off the North Plaza the concourse is the
gateway to the Learning Commons, in this area any idea that this is strictly the
whisper-quiet library of old is thrown out the window, its multi-floor
atrium and ample natural lighting enhance the feeling of openness,
encouraging students to gather for group study or projects and offering
opportunities for moments of casual and unexpected learning, the Learning Commons
offers a variety of environments for individual and group events including a
small multi-purpose auditorium and exhibition space in which students
engage with writers, artists and experts from diverse backgrounds and experiences
around the community, students need to be informed consumers of information and
research assignments at Grand Valley are designed to grow their expertise in
knowledge management, bibliographic training rooms are laboratories where
those skills can be developed. A key element of the Learning Commons and
unique to Grand Valley in its scope is the concentration of human and
technological resources available to our students, case in point
just like Apple’s Genius Bar, students can walk up day or night and consult
with technology experts on computing hardware and software issues. The
majority of the library’s collection of published works are stored in the
automated storage and retrieval system, which allows us to deliver items in
seconds and frees up space for students. The cafe welcomes users, nurtures a sense
of community and provides an environment that supports extended study sessions.
The collaborative work area near the cafe allows students to actively work
together plus have easy access to high-end equipment software and expert
guidance, the knowledge market goes well beyond the traditional partnerships of
library and Technology staff found in most university libraries. We put
together in one place right in the path of the students the resources to build
all of the skills employers tell us are critical in the workplace writing,
speaking, presenting graphic design, research, students manage their own learning
choosing the type of help they need when they need it, for example the speech prep
center and area unique to our campus will offer students the tools and the
feedback to perfect presentations and demonstrations. The upper levels of the
Learning Commons provide a mix of active, shared learning and quiet solitary study
space, students find flexible furnishings, computer stations and closed team study
areas and alcoves with wall-mounted screens, easily accessible hardware and
software support a variety of projects, the collection wings housed the
browsable books and other physical material, as well as low traffic quiet
areas to work. Libraries continue to play a vital role in how a student studies,
learns and applies that knowledge how libraries achieve that has changed, in
addition to the quiet spaces students search out, they need collaborative space
to share ideas, explore new technologies these are critical elements for our new
library so that Grand Valley can continue to fulfill our mission,
educating students to shape their lives, professions and societies. Libraries are
facing extreme competitive environments in a workforce and economy
that are rapidly changing, if Grand Valley is to continue the role of a
fourth linking University it must encompass the idea of innovative
thinking, transfer how knowledge is acquired and disperse and create flexible
thinkers. I believe this way Grand Valley is going to be able to shape the future. It’s a new world, we need a new kind of
workforce with leaders who will make significant contributions for our future.
the Mary Idema Pew library learning and information Commons contributes to
the work of producing graduates who feel at home in this new world, long after the
classes are done students will be in the Commons completing assignments,
perfecting skills, discovering something new, gaining confidence, preparing for the
ever-changing future.


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