Virtual Tour Through The Great Pyramid

have you ever wanted to travel to the
land of the Pharaohs the land of the pyramids and investigate the last
remaining wonder of the world that Great Pyramid? Well, you’re in luck today
because I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of the inside of the Great
Pyramid. I’m Ken Klein your host and I’m glad you’ve come to take this tour. We
begin our tour by traveling down the descending passageway. The descending
passageway goes hundreds of feet downward at a 26 degree angle all the
way to the portion that was actually dug in to the granite rock of the base of
the pyramid and there we find the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit is an
apt name because in almost every culture in the world there is an idea of Hell or
someplace of perdition where evil souls would go to pay the penalty for their
sins. The Great Pyramid not only has a
bottomless pit but it also has a deep abyss and when we go down there you’re
going to see it. Now we’re coming up to a place in the descending passageway where
we come in contact with what is called the well shaft. You see that door there
on the right that’s the entrance to the well shaft the well shaft most probably
was dug after the completion of the entire pyramid and yet it is still used
as a means of explaining very mystical and esoteric information about the Great
Pyramid with regard to Biblical prophecy. But most likely the the well shaft and
the grotto with the famous grotto in the middle of it was built as a way of
getting into the pyramid after a great earthquake where the priests could
inspect if there was any damage done. As we continue down now to the very bottom
of the descending passageway we come as I was telling you to the the well shaft
and its accompanying chamber called the the abyss and
it looks like it’s finished in this film but actually it’s very crude and left
unfinished and most likely it was done that way because it wasn’t and never
intended to be a tomb although there have been many people that have tried to
say this was a tomb where the Pharaoh was to have been built in the first
place and now we’re going to turn back and head back up the descending
passageway. The descending passageway was built at a 26 degree angle and
actually in its construction quite amazing because it is only one quarter
of an inch off and it’s over 300 feet and that’s an incredible feat to
accomplish by the builders. The 26 degree angle was pointed at the star alpha
Draconis which was called the dragon star in 21:37 BC and many people believe
that the star that it pointed to has some significance in relationship to the
condition of the human race because there it is believed according to the
book of Revelation that is where the angel wars took place and where
Lucifer was cast out of heaven along with one-third of the Angels. Now we’re
going to go up through the ascending passageway there you see the granite
plug actually there were three granite plugs and they weighed probably close to
15 tons each and they were put into the ascending passageway to keep people from
going upward into what is commonly called the Grand Gallery now this
particular channel way was supported by three girdles about 20 feet apart so
that it could withstand the enormous weight of the plugs now we’re entering
the Grand Gallery and to the right we see where the the the grotto you’d find
the grotto going down that entrance or even exit to the to the well shaft that
the well shaft was dug from below not from above and so many people think that
when the builders were finished plugging up the the Pyramid and sealing it this
is where they escaped through the well shaft and down where it intersected with
the descending passageway now as we go and turn back towards the
view of the Grand Gallery we tilt down a little bit and we can see the entrance
to the Queen’s Chamber let’s go in there first most of the time you won’t be able
to go into the Queen’s chamber because it’s fenced off now and has been for
many decades but this was built it is believed as an apartment if you can
imagine that for the priests that would later study the Stars through the Grand
Gallery it’s not very large and it has a gable roof and is really outfitted in
such a way that it would suit a place of rest and repose for the people that were
studying the stars in the Grand Gallery as we turn around here we see a
ventilation shaft we just passed by it we’ll go back to it and the ventilation
shafts are different than the ventilation shafts and the King’s
Chamber because these don’t go all the way to the outside of the Great Pyramid
and they probably were just for that ventilation shafts to bring air into the
people that had to reside in there as they did their research now we’re going
to leave the the Queen’s Chamber and head back towards the Grand Gallery and
you can see how how nicely this has been built it’s very smooth and a very
uniform and we’re coming back out now towards the Grand Gallery and we’re
going to continue up the Grand Gallery towards the antechamber there’s two ramp
ways up the Grand Gallery one on each side and the individual the end this is
the slot in between that you can see right now that we’re going up is where
they drop the three granite plugs that would be later lowered into place to
block the ascending passageway but you see the ramps on each side and then on
the ramps you see slots and in the ramp which is where wood wood beams were
placed to brake the descent of the of the granite plugs that weighed fifteen
fifteen tons each so they lowered them very slowly and use those slots with
beams that going across to the other side to slowly brake it as we look up at
the Grand Gallery you can see the ceiling and the and the gabled walls
incredible feat to build this the ceiling is 28 feet up and it is it
the kind of telescopes into about four feet which was left open and
or the priests word watch the moon going across the the top of the of the
Grand Gallery and they used that to learn how to make calendars and then as we
continue up we’re heading towards the end of the upper portion of the Grand
Gallery there we can see the great step and the great step was a platform in
which two plugs were dropped that would fit into the passageway that you’re
seeing above it into the antechamber and one plug was put into that passageway
and one end to the other end of the passageway that completely sealed off
the antechamber we’re working through the antechamber if we tilt up back up
just a little bit up there go up into that chamber go up and there you can see
the boss and the boss is a very esoteric seal that was put there by the Builder
and we don’t have time to talk about that right now but it’s a very important
feature of the antechamber here as we pass through the antechamber we can we
look back there momentarily at the Grand Gallery but you can see four slots four
slots in the in the south wall of the of the antechamber those slots were four
ropes that allowed the builders to drop the three enormous portcullis slabs if
we back up just a little bit we can look up and you can see one of the portcullis
slabs that was dropped into place by ropes and came down to rest on the floor
of the grant of the antechamber and there were three of them and you can see
see one right there above and now we’ll go back down past the slotted wall and
we’ll head our way into the end of the King’s Chamber the King’s Chamber that
right in that passageway was another one of those grand that plugs dropped on the
great step now we’re going into the King’s Chamber and this chamber was a
perfect rectangle the Builder was very concerned with making everything
symmetrical mathematical mathematically accurate there we see on the the south
wall one of the ventilation ducts there it is right new screen now and if you
were that goes directly outside of the pyramid and it points right to the stars
in the belt of Orion there’s another one the other side wall on the other wall
other side and that particular and chef makes a left turn then a right
turn and goes out and points right at the star alpha Draconis again pointing
to where something significant happened in the universe in our galaxy that the
other end of the grand the King’s Chamber is the the coffer it’s broken at
one end most likely when they tried to take the lid off of it and they did and
they found nothing inside that lid they think is in Saudi Arabia now that coffer
is actually too large to put through the passageways of the King’s Chamber so it
had to be dropped in from above which means that the normal funerary practices
of the Egyptians wasn’t observed in the in the King’s Chamber were allegedly
allegedly Khufu’s mummy was buried but there was never any money ever found in
there by the grave robbers of Alma moons and his men but you can see how
intricately it was cut the the precision of it that was solid a block of granite
they cut down into it nobody knows how it was done but it’s under a great deal
of speculation with many people thinking that it was actually the tomb of Khufu
and the whole pyramid they think was the burial tomb of Khufu we’re going back
out now through the Grand Gallery we’re going to take a look up at the top of
the Grand Gallery and there we’re going to find an interest way at the at the
very most southerly portion of the Grand Gallery and that passageway is most
likely where the builders escaped when they had to get out of the Great Pyramid
when they drop the three three up lugging blocks down the descending
passageway blocked up the the antechamber with the two plugs and plus
the three portcullis labs they had to get out this is the way they got out now
we’re going to go back down to the floor of the Grand Gallery and we’re going to
head our way out the Grand Gallery is a magnificent piece of architecture
there’s nothing like it in all of Egypt no other pyramids were built like this
with inner passageways and chambers it’s totally unique and unless you know what
you’re looking at you probably wouldn’t be as impressed but when you stop to
consider the engineering challenges that confronted the designer of the Great
Pyramid you just you just can’t help but marvel how do they possibly
figure this out with primitive minds and that’s when you look at all of the
different anomalies concerning the Great Pyramid you come to the conclusion that
it couldn’t possibly be a tomb it had to be something more than a tomb and it is
more than a tomb unfortunately we can’t get into all the details concerning the
Great Pyramid we just don’t have the time but now we’re beginning to make our
way towards the doorway of the Great Pyramid and I’m glad you made the trip
with us and hopefully you’ll get our films and you’ll get to the real story
behind the Great Pyramid


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