Visit 10 Incredible Picnic Spots near Kalyan(Maharashtra)

Shahi Bawdi near Kalyan built by Adil Shah of Bijapur Ammu Water Park, 12 km away from Kalyan Railway Station Kala Talao Lake, 1 km from the Kalyan railway station Durgadi Fort, Constructed by SHIVAJI MAHARAJ & situated at the west of Kalyan city Kali Masjid, built in the 15th century & situated south-west corner of the Kala Talao Malanggad, 15 km away from the city of Kalyan Parasi Fire Temple in Kalyan, built by Nawajbai in the 18th century Birla Mandir, 222 from the Kalyan City Lonad Caves & Shiva Temple Ganesh Ghat, Tourist attraction in Kalyan (Maharashtra)

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