Vlog | Weekend Getaway | Florida | Lynissa Sakura

I have to speak really fast because this vlog is really short but we're just taking a quick little trip to Florida for the weekend enjoy okay so this is like a berry what should I say interesting to see no I went to you can see by these little videos and stuff it's pretty interesting that's all I can say island for the beach I'm sorry the quality wasn't good I don't even know what I was talking about it's so pretty oh my god what if there's an alligator so I told you she's gonna like when she realizes that the sand is hot don't worry I got water for her okay the beach was really nice but I was just so out of energy we barely even had so yeah I'm sorry guys you see him I didn't even get that in the video like there's a guy but it wasn't race so it's my grandma's birthday so I decided to get her this cheesecake it's not too sweet or anything like that she's 68 years old we're about to go boys no no the heck is wrong with you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear yeah happy birthday to you she broke the candle like why she butter like another friend she even the freaking cake arrived we had two birthdays today thighs oh my god I just want to see No can we put one in there I don't think this is a long way oh my god are you gonna count them yeah sure how much was it 18 why are you doing like that you stay put it in yours not crooked than mine I was one I want it to be perfectly round it's okay we better get that pink one they'll chest your table you don't charge me I'll take the money from Walmart is very adjustable Magali residing on earth like a disease I think you know that little game but they put like these win and you got to pull it out oh yeah that's why I want to reform I just got the numbers to be honest I want to be squad to be special friend okay we're doing something special so Mr Bond through some oil Dennis Avery to the beach for other plans changed all of a sudden everything changed Obie's you boys in North Beach but we're lost mr. Benton love birthday no because that was my plan to go there we got one for you a forum for me yeah what else a plan for me your plan help you much she bought a give me the dummy that ain't your plan no okay so what is your plan I can't tell you what the hell to go to that well I have to make up an incline cuz the end reaching over in the morning 1 14 16 18 here the buffer 1 Lord [Applause] we do it over well I said we should have put them away around this and it was so much easier to pokin them that and then she said okay ready look I didn't work it didn't scare you what they hate he's dripping he's dripping okay go go that's it fishin Sam's gonna Sparkle maybe it's only the silver ones oh my god she's those new kids like the same song why good help me what do you mean I don't want it oh my god [Applause] don't burn house [Applause] your idea some cake [Applause]

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