Weekend Guide Manchester: Things to do & Insider Tips by Locals (Life by the River Ep.02)

(light upbeat music) – After exploring Glasgow with
Kathy in the last episode, I took a three-hour
train ride to Manchester to meet up with more locals, who were keen to show me their city. Welcome to Manchester, the second destination in that series. I met up with my local guide, – Hello.
– Fraser, (laughs) he’s a true Mancunian. What are we about to do? – So today we’re gonna be
looking at the transition of how Manchester went
from the cotton industry and a huge part of kind of the UK industry and we’re gonna be looking at how it’s now the trendy part and the creative
hub of England, I think. (light upbeat music) I’m now in the beautiful
quarter of Castlefield and this is the place, where we will be starting
our city exploration. – So Manchester used to be known as the Cottonopolis of the UK, this is where we used
to produce the cotton, where we used to flog it, all that stuff and now we’re in Castlefield, where there’s a beautiful canal scene and these canals were man-dug, which is crazy to think about, but this is where we used to ship off the cotton all over the UK, we’re gonna be going seeing the Exchange, where they used to sell it and also where all the money goes from all this cotton back in the day. (light upbeat music) – From the shipping to the trading, we’re now at the Royal Exchange, right? – Yeah, so this is now a theater, although it used to be
the Cotton Exchange, this was bombed in the Manchester Blitz, completely destroyed basically, but there’s still some things left over from when it was an exchange. (light upbeat music) – City explorations make you hungry, so Home Sweet Home, let’s have some food. (light upbeat music) Now we’ve come to a very
visually appealing place, this is where you can actually see what you can do with all the
money earned from cotton. – So this was built by John Ryland’s wife, so John Ryland, big figure
in like the cotton industry, he owned like a big company and he left his wife a load of money and she went and built a massive,
like neon-Gothic library, which is pretty incredible. (light upbeat music) – In Manchester, I
stayed at the Motel One, which is an inexpensive design hotel, located in the city right
across the Royal Exchange. (light upbeat music) I need some breakfast and coffee first and this is why I came to
one of the hipster places here in the Northern
Quarter called Federal Cafe. (light upbeat music) After talking about the
transition of Manchester, I’ve now come to the hippest
neighborhood in town, the Northern Quarter
and I met up with Sue, who is a tour guide and
who will be telling me more about this area. So how would you describe
the Northern Quarter? – Well, the Northern Quarter, for me, it is the trendiest part
of the city, it’s so cool, it’s independent, it’s
got this vibe about it, it’s very, very unique. It was a historic area,
there’s fabulous buildings, there’s the old Fish Market, that now has the Craft & Design Center and that’s really typical
of the Northern Quarter, it’s a lot of independent traders there, selling their own goods,
which is lovely to see, but it’s very lively, there’s
loads of cafes and bars, you can co-work, you can
check out great street art, it’s a great place to have coffee, it’s a great place to meet friends, it’s just a cool part of the city. – If you’re looking for something
more off the tourist path, you should come to Ancoats, which is the up and coming neighborhood, like the Northern Quarter
just 10 years ago. (light upbeat music) It’s time for beers and music and my beer buddy tonight is Dan. (laughs) – Exactly, and I’ve taken
you to the Castle Hotel, where we’re gonna go inside, we’re gonna have a pint of beer, we’re gonna listen to some music, it’s gonna be a good night. (light upbeat music) – What a vibrant city. Next up is Liverpool. As always, if you liked this
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