Weekend in Barcelona Vlog

Morning guys, is me, Karina from Karina Keeps Escaping and this is gonna be my official first vlog. We are off to Barcelona today. Ola Espanola, I think I don’t know… Tapas and sangria. But before we go, Carl is making us some delicious breakfast! Say Hi Carl! Carl: Ola! I’ve got my breakfast, you gonna love it(laugh) Carl: Happy Face! Yay, lucky me! (laugh) We made it to Barcelona, we got our suitcase and now we gonna get a bus because we don’t want to pay for taxi which would probably to Barcelona city center cost about 40 euros. Well, bus I think is only..what we have to change it once? To get to Barceloneta to our hotel and is about 5 euros Carl: No changes No changes, there you go, even easier! And is about five euros Carl: The AeroBus the AeroBus, yea so we gonna try to find it We stayed in Hotel Ciutadella and it cost us 140 euros per room for two nights without breakfast. with walk-in shower, big windows so we could shout out naked With gorgeous view, balcony and a mini fridge so I could store my sangria! Good morning guys! Buenos dias amigos from not so sunny Barcelona as you can see. It is quite chilly this morning, but we are still going to make to the beach. We gonna get some breakfast, we grab some coffee see Sagrada Família, maybe the Old Town and
later on we’ve got a ticket for Park Guell so that should be really nice – all the architecture. So stay tuned and I will see you later! Good morning this time from Barceloneta
beach and it looks like we’re gonna get some sun today and hopefully it is gonna be also warm so I don’t have to wear my hat. Look at that! It’s so pretty! They are cleaning beach over there as well he is quite noisy, so I have to be very quick otherwise you won’t hear me. And I think we gonna head that way to get some breakfast. So, I will see you when I’m gonna have some coffee! ((We went the opposite direction to the Gothic Quarter instead)) Is beautiful, is no one here. Being in Gothic Quarter and is no one around for ten o’clock in the morning Amazing, Barcelona is asleep and we are awake. Irish pub, there you go. Is this where we are going? Carl: The wine (hahaha) Wine from 12pm though Are you happy now? You gonna have your English breakfast? Carl: Maybe, will see. This is proper like I feel like I am in England, not in Barcelona. Carl: Pick a table then. Where did we end up? What did you want? Your English-Irish breakfast? Irish pub for breakfast, not so bad. It looks really delicious, so you enjoy! Quick stop-over in our room to change (and have a drink lol). We are going to Park according to Google is Park C I U T A D E L L AAA Carl: So, we gonna take some nice pictures and videos! We are now made it to Park Ciutadella. It is really warm and sunny. The entrance is free So, you can just come anytime you want. Last time I came it was April, it was really nice. Now we are in February and the weather is amazing again. It’s lots of activities you can do here There umm…. Yoga classes, I think, then is a castle which we gonna see there is a lake, pond. Chill out and have some nice picnic.So yea, is really nice here. I do recommend this place. Definitely. To come because it is just beautiful! We are in the Park Guell at the moment and half of the paid part is closed. or basically it’s under construction, it’s very busy, people everywhere. I needed to go to toilet…three toilets here which I am really angry about. So, three toilets here, a massive queue the cleaner started to clean it! I paid £15 and I don’t even get to see the view. So, guys, yeah Next time well if you planning to go to Park Guell make sure you check there is no construction what so ever Because I am really disappointed with this attraction and wouldn’t do it again. So, yea Thumbs down for me. This is another romantic dinner I would say according to Carl. Gonna recharge and then head to town again as it is our last night, so see you later! We are back in our hotel room after our last night in Barcelona. Carl found this gorgeous place (laugh) Please don’t do that… This place called Paradiso It is a bar and it is in Top 50 Best Bars in the World
So I would definitely recommend I have some great…STOP IT!
He is shaking his (naked) ass! Come on!
Carl: You love my ass! Omg!
What I wanted to say in, erm, in, erm Top 50 Best Bars in the World So you definitely need to check it out I have
some great videos
Carl: You can’t think now, can you? (laugh) naa I can’t think about No, I can’t stop thinking about your ass! Is in…yeah I said that…50…you definitely need to go check it out guys, I have some great videos…I was drinking a cocktail from the shell! So, I will see you tomorrow as we are heading back to England tomorrow. So, good night! Carl: Huh?
I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go to work.
Carl: England, baby! Nooo, I don’t waana go to work
Carl: I’m not til Wednesday SHUT UP! I wanna stay here, I wanna go to beach
Carl: Washing Machine! I wanna go to beach And I wanna have sangria! Let’s go! Hahaha! and yea… Do not walk down these retro badly lit streets after dark! Do not participate in the card and dice games which you will see on the street! Carl: (laughing) Not from the close cause i’m ugly! I actually wore hat and scarf Yea… Carl: Hot Dog! We are on our way, I think I had them when I was here with Kat Yea, that was what I was eating all the time That’s why I save money on food! Carl: Ha! that explains a lot and there is the circus woops sorry! Woman: Err! She was not impressed! This time from para Barcelonata beach… I can’t talk! And now it goes WACK, I’m waiting for that! Please go WACK! Half of my chips and half of my drink! Uh Oh! Carl: Come on! I can’t Carl: Pull it! OMG! This is good Carl: Put some muscles in to it (Cheer) Made noise Carl: Ooooo Yaaaay Cheers! You recording? Carl: Yea Oh, eh cheers! Carl: You absolute p***head That tastes like a soap!


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