Weekend in COPENHAGEN Vlog – Food and Sightseeing.

Dean is trying to take some aftershave that
looks like a grenade, through security, at the airport. So, we’ll see how this one turns
out. How to get through a Ryanair flight. Nintendo
and some rolls and pastries I snatched from the lounge! Danish currency. Now to find the Metro. Well we made it, to Copenhagen. We kinda screwed
up by taking the Metro rather than the train. The train takes us to central station which
is right next to our hotel. And the metro took us to this part of the city centre which
is twenty minutes walk away from our hotel. Although it is very picturesque. This area
is called Nyhavn. I don’t know if I’ve butchered that pronunciation or not. But aye it’s pretty.
Maybe tomorrow we’ll take a wee trip on the canal here. So we’re just walking in the direction of
our hotel, down this pedestrianised street. Whoops, just about ran straight into that
woman. Wasn’t watching where I was going. We’re going to try and find a supermarket
before we go to our hotel. When I’m in a foreign country, I do quite like to eat the unique
foreign junk food. Whatever they have. Snacks. Chocolate. Whatever. Hello. Right, we just check in to the Copenhagen
Plaza and we got to our room and it’s got a double bed. Which is not good. Don’t want
to be sleeping next to that. What the staff have done for us is they’ve given us a slightly
bigger room so we’re upstairs, we’re on a higher floor, better view but they’re going
to stick a single bed in beside it. So we’re just waiting for them to do that just now.
But at least we got a better view and stuff. I don’t even know if I can get out onto this
balcony. So we’re right on the main square. As you can see. Won’t be touching any of the stuff in this
fridge. This minibar. Because just looked at the prices. Thirty five crowns for a mineral
water. What’s that? It’s like four pounds British. Four quid for that bottle of water.
We’re definitely going to the supermarket. Got our single bed. Dean, I’ve got a pound
coin here and we’re going to flip for it. Come on. We’re going to flip for it. You made the mistake so. I didn’t make a mistake. I put on the booking
“twin room”. The hotel made the mistake. Look, we got upgraded to a higher floor, a bigger
room and a nice view outside. Flip the coin. Flip the coin. Right. The shield – you get the double bed.
Queen’s head – I get the double bed. Right? Let it drop on the floor? OK Queen’s head, I get the double bed, right? Queen’s head. Double bed. Queen’s head. Queen’s
head. Yes. That’s the queen’s head. Your majesty. Your majesty. Supermarket. Looks like a cheap one. Try and
find some mineral water and some snacks. Ah, just grab it. Ok, let’s start off and get something healthy.
Maybe a protein shake or something. Maybe one of these, skyr vanilla. That’s Icelandic
style yogurt. The macros look good. Let’s get one of these. What’s this? Mini marzipan bars. Ten sticks.
Whole packet is like five hundred calories. Where’s Dean? Oh looks like he’s got some
stuff. What’s he been getting? Kim’s Barbecue. What else? Barbecue chips. What else they got? Marzipanbrod. Maybe I’ll get these ones. Chocolate and Larkids. I’ve no idea what this
is. There’s three different flavours. Booster. How much caffeine is in this? 32
milligrams per 100 ml, what’s this, 500 ml, that’s absolutely loads. That can go in. What you thinking about? Caramel and chocolate. Looks good. In the
basket it goes. So rather than pay 35 crowns for one bottle
of mineral water in our hotel, we have found them for 1 crown 75 a bottle, so we’ll just
get a pack of 9, of these. In the hotel they’ve got, like, a list of
names of famous people. Mostly bands. Eurythmics. Who have stayed in this hotel. There’s loads.
I recognised a few of them. There’s Tom Jones, Pat Boone there. Oh this hotel is old, Pat
Boone. Diana Ross, I see. David Essex. There’s your favourite band Dale. East 17. East 17 is not my favourite band. Who else
have we got? Janet Jackson. David Copperfield. The Foo Fighters. Phil Collins. Ringo Starr.
Jesus. Well, I wanted to go eat Danish food, but,
my brother seen the Hard Rock Cafe and insists that we go eat there. I didn’t take much convincing,
I do love the place. So let’s go. So my brother just got the regular burger,
but I got the Danish local legendary burger, which is on a Danish bread with some beetroot
relish and there’s like a mixed beef and pork spicy patty. I’m going to get fired right
into this. 7 Eleven. Feel like I’m back in Thailand.
See what they’ve got. Probably got more decent stuff. Damn. Found this chill bar called Bar 7. Well I don’t drink alcohol so I just ordered
this Diet Coke and this gentleman there said it’s free of charge. No cost. My brother,
however, is getting his drink prepared which is going to cost about 18 quid. Some fancy
cocktail. Good morning Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful
day. Right so, it’s 11:30 am and Dean’s still sleeping. I’m going to go to the hotel gym
because they’ve got a small gym in the basement. We left that bar last night about between
half past midnight and 1am, and I just came home to the hotel to play a bit of Zelda,
catch up on The Waking Dead. Dean decided to go to a nightclub by himself. That’s the
thing like. He’s a heavy drinker and I don’t drink at all so, we kind of went our separate
ways and he’s now lying in bed snoring and his hand is covered in blood. So I don’t know
what happened, last night. Wow, looks like ‘m the only one here. Well
it’s a bit bigger than I thought it was. Oh, what have we got. Treadmill, elliptical machine, some
benches. Where are the weights? They must have some free weights. Oh yeah. Some dumbbells
right here. What do they go up to? They only go up to 10 kilos. Oh, we’ll try and improvise. Well we’ve finally left the hotel. It’s after
1pm. It’s kinda late. We did have plans to do quite a lot stuff today but now we’re going
to have to kinda rush. We’ve not even eaten yet, although I have tanned four Quest Bars.
I brought five to last me the whole trip. I’ve eaten four of them already. Right now
we’re going to head to. Energy drink is it? One of those? Oh, Booster. Right, we’re going
to head to the Round Tower. That’s, eh, a place where we can get a good view of the
city. Surprisingly warm weather for early March.
Plenty of people just sitting around in the street. See the round tower there in the distance.
Other people cycling to it. Cycling very popular in Copenhagen. We just walk though. Need to
burn the extra calories for all the food we’re going to be eating. Made it to the Round Tower. We’re going to
make our way up to the top. 25 crowns, actually not too bad for Denmark, it’s about
3 quid British. And it just this, the whole Tower is just this winding pathway up to the top.
So that’s where we’re going. Wow there’s this big cage around it. It kind
of feels like. I kind of ruins the view. Makes me feel like I’m in prison or something. Right so we burnt a lot of calories going
up that tower, so now we’re going to go eat food, at Torvehallerne, I believe it’s pronounced.
It is a kinda indoor market, farmer’s market / deli shop / speciality eateries kinda type
thing. We’ll see when we get there. Well we made it, to Torvehallerne. Oh wow. Immediately see stuff that I want
to stick in my mouth. Look at this. Chocolates. We’re at Grod, which means porridge, so we’re
going to eat some gourmet porridge, made by these girls. Luckily we got a table because
there’s only three tables here and a tonne of customers, so we were just really lucky,
someone just left as we arrived. And we have ordered, from here, the all in porridge, oats
and all the toppings, which I believe that is all the toppings right there. It’s loads.
So, yeah, looking forward to that. These are big portions of Grod. All the toppings
are there as promised. What have we got? Let’s have a look at this. Oh lovely. Coconut flakes.
It’s nice and warm as well. Caramel. Wow, you really have to dig. And the porridge is
right at the bottom. Underneath all this caramel and fruit and deliciousness, nuts, hazelnuts,
oh wow. Look at that. Demolishing this. Dean, slow eater. Dale,
fast eater. Well I demolished that in a few minutes. Dean who’s hungover is slowly eating
his. It’s my lucky day. I’ve finished mine and
dean has given up on his. So I’m going to finish it for him. So I’m getting one and
a half, looks even like more than one and a half. Three quarters. One and three quarters.
Let’s do this. Right, double demolished. Let’s get out of
here. Looking for more food. Ouch. Sorry. Ahh, too healthy. What you thinking? You want to get a baguette? There’s a whole other section here. This part looks even bigger. Oh this is more like a deli type place, rather than sit down and eat. See, there’s like, selling cheeses and stuff. Sliced meats. Butcher there. Free samples. Always a good idea. Very colourful mix of seafood. Want to get a pizza from here. Gorms Pizza.
They look pretty good. Going to order number 6. Don’t know if you can read that from here?
It’s like salami pizza. Well we got pizza and a beautiful day. Weather
is nice. Really surprised. I was expecting Copenhagen to be freezing. This is actually
warmer than Edinburgh. We got really lucky with the weather. Loads of people out here
on the square. Looks like a football pitch in the middle there. I wonder if we can join
in. Pizza’s really light and really thin base.
How good was that pizza? Quality. Quality. Nice and really thin. That’s the
thinnest base I’ve had on a pizza for ever. It’ was like really thin. Could probably eat
like five or six of them. What you reckon? You want eat five or six of them? Not when you’re hungover. OK. We’re at the botanical gardens, which look
like it’s free to get in. We just walked in anyway, so the price is right. Just going
to have a wee wander around. Think I’ve found my dinner. Roast duck, lovely. I like a bit
of roast duck. Kind of boring. There doesn’t seem to much
growing. I guess because it’s winter time. There’s loads of stuff they have, like this,
no leaves on it and stuff. I bet it’s probably pretty in the summer. Looks like this is probably where all the
stuff is growing. In these greenhouses right now. Looks like a massive, that just looks
like one massive greenhouse. Can’t get into here. Locked door. Same with this one.
Just look through the windows. Mostly cacti. Well we’re ten minutes too late to get into
the Palm House. It closes at 3 o’clock and it’s now 10 past 3, so yeah, that looks where
the most interesting things are. Big massive palm trees growing inside this big greenhouse
type building. Oh well. Right, now we’re going to head to Rosenborg Castle, which I think
is where that flag is right there. We made it to Rosenborg Castle, but it’s only
open four hours a day, Tuesday to Sunday, ten til two. We’re way too late. Our only
opportunity is to go tomorrow, if we wake up early enough, otherwise we’re not getting
through this door. I guess that’s Rosenborg Castle there. That’s
the entrance. So I guess that’s the castle. Oh well, we’ve seen it at least. So we had to change our plans and we’ve walked
down to Christiania, which is another nice part of town, with a nice little canal, but
less touristy than that Nyhavn place up the road. There’s supposed to be a really nice
church here called the Church of Our Saviour, and we’re going to go and have a look at that.
Probably it’s closed as well, but we’ll at least have a look at it from the outside. Right, we’ve found it, Church of Our Saviour,
and it looks like there’s a big tower up there and I see people up there so it’ll be our
second nice view of the day if we can get up there after being at the Round Tower earlier. Looks like it’s closed. They just closed it.
Looks like the guy’s just put the sign, ahh you’re kidding. Ahh, look it closes at 4 o’clock. Oh well, we’re not getting up there. Well they said this was supposed to be a nice
scenic area, but there’s just a lot of graffiti and stuff. What is this place? This is supposed to be
a nice area. Look, this is a restaurant. Supposed to be a restaurant. Look at all this garbage. Burger joint or something? I dunno, this is supposed to be a kinda trendy
place I guess. There’s like, coffee shops and restaurants and stuff, but the place looks
sketchy as hell. So I just got into a bit of trouble. There’s
an area in there called the Green Zone which is like a big area where people are selling
and smoking weed. The place absolutely stinks of weed. Anyway, because I walked in there.
They have a rule, which is like no photos, no filming. Anyway, I just walked in there
like a stupid tourist with my camera, and about four guys came up to me, grabbed me,
they grabbed my phone, they made me delete the photos and everything, and they’re all
like swearing at me, everyone else as I walked out. So it was kinda scary but I just tried
to plead ignorance like I’m a stupid tourist. And I guess it was kind of stupid, when I
smelled the weed and stuff I shouldn’t have been filming around there. But, eh, all’s
well that ends well. They let me go. I’ve got my phone. I just don’t have the video
and stuff, but that’s ok. I’m going to get out of this Hipster area, this is not really
our place, our kinda scene. I’m gonna find somewhere else. We’re now heading to Papiroen, which I guess
I’ve butchered that pronunciation as well. It’s also known as Copenhagen Street Food
and it’s a, I think it’s like an indoor street food type area. We’re going to see if we can
try and find some hotdogs. That seems to be the fast food of choice in Copenhagen, and
we haven’t tried that yet. Something else we’ve not tried is cycling, which is also
very popular here but I think we’re going to stick to walking for now. It’s a bit of a nicer area. Much more my scene.
Here it is, Papiroen. Hopefully I’ve pronounced it correctly this time. Just people everywhere
with amazing food. Wow, this place is busy. This used to be an old paper factory, apparently.
And, now, just full of food, of every nationality. Hello. Hello. Oh wow. It’s incredible. A duck place that sells duck burgers. So I was after some gourmet hotdogs, but I
can’t find them. Dean’s ended up just with a liquid diet right now. Alcoholic. So, I’ll
try and find something else. Decided to get some Danish Smorrebrod, which
is like an open faced sandwich with some fish on it. I guess I’ll get this one with the salmon. Looks pretty tasty. Well that Smorrebrod was delicious. We just
got out of there before we… tempted to eat the whole place. We’re just going to head
back to the hotel now and get ready to go out to a bar or something tonight, if we can
find a decent one. Just walking down the street, almost getting
hit by bikes, cause the pavement’s full of people. Can’t be dealing with that. I just
have to walk at my own fast speed. My brother’s a big Lego fan, so we’ve found
this Lego shop which looks pretty cool. All these massive things made of Lego. We’re going
to go in and have a look. Oh this is cool, they’ve recreated Nyhavn
with Lego, that is pretty neat. It’s
the opposite end of it there. All these guys having a good time, in the expensive bars
of Nyhavn. 7-Eleven hotdogs. Got these muesli bars from 7-Eleven. There’s
actually quite a lot of decent stuff at 7-Eleven. Stuff like salads and porridge and quite healthy
looking sandwiches and stuff. I guess it’s no surprise that everyone in Denmark seems
to be in, like, pretty good shape. You don’t see many unhealthy or overweight people walking
around. Anyway, going to get fired right into these. Right, so I’m back here again. Dean’s upstairs
sleeping, again. So I’m back here. I’m just going to bang out, like, ten sets. Then we’re
going out to a bar. 8:30 pm we’ve finally left our hotel room.
Just walking past the Central Train Station here. There’s apparently a decent gourmet
hotdog stand. We see loads of hotdog stands when we walk about but they’re all like this
same chain and they look very ordinary, but apparently there’s one guy who’s an independent
hotdog stand seller, so we’re going to go and try his food. I believe this is the one there. John’s Hotdog
Deli. Hello. Not friendly. Let’s see what they got here. John’s Hotdog
Deli. I cannot read this, but, I dunno, this one
looks good. That is my hotdog. That is absolutely beautiful. Damn that looks good. Wow, this is incredible. Messy, but incredible. We’ve had no luck finding even a reasonably
lively place, eh, bar, so we’ve found this Irish pub – The Dubliner. Irish bar wherever
you are is always going to be a good shout, so we’re just going to jump in there. Hopefully
they’ll have some live music or something. Looks kinda dead but we’ll check it out anyway. This is better. This is better, right? Right, it’s 11:25 am and we’re supposed to
check out this hotel at 12, but Dean is still sleeping. He came home last night at 6:45am.
That Dubliner bar we were at last night was pretty decent. It had a good live band and
stuff. I only stayed til 12:30. Like I said before, I’m not a drinker. Dean, however,
raging alcoholic. He ended up going to a nightclub again and came back really late, so I’m just
nipping out to 7-Eleven just now, going to get breakfast. Slightly cheaper than the 165
crown hotel breakfast, which I’ve already missed anyway. Breakfast, 7-Eleven style. I’ve got 20 minutes
to tidy up this mess, wake up that guy and get out of here. Check out at 12. Right, we’re on the train. We’re going to
Rosenborg Castle, taking the train to make sure we actually get there on time before
it closes, which is like in an hour and half. That was fast. It was only about two or three
minutes, for two stops, from Central Station to quite near Rosenborg Castle. So here we are, at Rosenborg Castle. Built
by Christian IV. He built this in the early 1600’s as a pleasure palace, a residence for
himself. And then from the 1700’s it was used to store
the royal family’s rarest and most finest items and basically just used to show off
to any guests that they had. We’re going to go inside and have a look. It cost us 110
crowns for the tickets. 110 each, which is like 12, no it’s actually like 13 quid British.
Although it’s cheaper than Edinburgh Castle in Scotland which is like 16 quid, although
if you ask me, and I am a bit biased, Edinburgh Castle probably a lot better. This is the treasury, a lot of silver looking
guns and there should be some crowns up the back. Damn, they look good, that’s like what Daryl
uses in the Walking Dead. Some badass bow. Damn. A cache of wine from 1615, imagine how
that tastes. 400 year old wine. Imagine drinking out of that, big pimping
style. Damn, that is impressive. That is the Master
Sword from Zelda, I believe. I don’t know how they got it here, in the Rosenborg castle,
but very impressive none the less. This is where all the gold stuff is. The king and queen’s crowns. The king’s one,
bigger. Don’t know if that’s sexist or not, maybe the king just had a bigger head. Old
Christian V I believe. Decent gaff this. Wouldn’t mind living here.
Let’s have a quick scoot around. While everybody is slow, I’m just going to sprint around.
Nice fireplace there. Hello. Mirror. Wow, look at the ceiling on this place. Damn,
that’s beautiful. This must have been restored, it’s nice and clean. Marble walls. Look at this, another huge fireplace. Can
you imagine sitting next to this with a fire roaring in the middle of the Danish winter.
It would be incredible. I guess that’s one of the kings. Maybe Christian
IV himself, I dunno. Let’s continue, through here. That’s the hallway,
with a load of art. Writing desk there. I could set up my computer there. 30 inch monitor would fit on there no problem. Up, up, up we go. Oh wow, this room is huge. Basically
the top floor is just one big room and that will be the king’s throne, right there. Let’s check it out. Oh, we can’t get that close to it, unless
we want to break the rules and jump the rope. Try and be a good boy today. That’s where
the king would have sat, and been all kingly, wearing his crown all his garb. And got another two thrones. I guess for the
king and queen. They look more impressive than that other small one. Surrounded by these
silver lions, wow, imagine having them as decorations in your house. Take up a wee bit
of space but if you had a place as big as this no problem. Just outside a bakery. I’m thinking about
getting a pastry. Dean, let’s jump in here. See what they’ve got. Oh these look decent. Kanelboller. Hello, can I have one of these Kanellboller.
Thank you. When in Denmark, eat pastries. Kanelboller,
that’s going straight in my belly. Well we’re back here. This time, made it well
before four o’clock when it closes and we’re going to go up to the top of that tower. See
what the view’s like. Today not as sunny as yesterday. but never mind. It’s a big queue to get up here. I guess they
only let a certain amount of people up at a time. That’s cool. It’s the church bell. It goes
off every hour. Traffic jam. Major traffic jam. Wow. Made it. We made it. Oh wow. Nice view. Wow, it’s incredible. It’s a much better view
than the Round Tower. And we can get even higher. So this is the spiral that goes all
the way to the top. Whoops. Getting some good exercise anyway. Oh that’s that hippy, hipster place. Incred. Would have been even nicer yesterday
when it was sunny. Oh we’re stuck again. Almost at the top. Just a queue, no room for
two way traffic here. Well that was as far as it goes, so hopefully
it’s easier getting down than it was coming up. So we’re back at the airport but not leaving.
This is where we’re going, to the Hilton hotel, for our last night. I’ve got a free night
voucher at any Hilton hotel in the world so this is where we’re using it, because that
Hilton costs £270 quid British – per night. If you want to do the same thing what you
can do is sign up for the Hilton Honors Barclaycard. Spend £750 quid in the first 3 months and
you clear the sign up bonus, which is a voucher for a free night at any Hilton in the world.
Get it and use it at the most expensive one you can find, like this one. Hello, checking in. So, this is our room. Just a little bit better
than the Copenhagen Plaza. Two proper twin beds this time. And the view’s nothing I guess.
Just car park. Because we’re at the airport, nothing around here. This looks nice and comfortable. So Hilton Diamond, which I am, due to a status
match, get free access to the spa, which has a hot pool. Nobody here. And a fitness suite, which is in here. So
I’m going to use that just now. Just out the spa, hence the full robe. It’s
a pretty decent steam room. We’re going to head to the executive lounge
for a quick drink before we go out. Now, we got upgraded to the executive floor and that’s
because I have the Hilton Diamond membership, but I haven’t actually stayed in a Hilton
for 6 years but I got a status match about a year and a half ago. And it runs out at
the end of this month, so it’s pretty good that I actually get to use it. So we’re going to see Copenhagen F.C. vs Esbjerg,
I believe it’s pronounced. We got these tickets online. 185 crowns each, which is about £21
quid, not too bad for a football match. This is the Danish Superliga. Well we’re late. The match already started
5 minutes ago. We tried to get on on a bus and it was jam packed full of people. We couldn’t
get on. The next bus was twenty minutes later, so we are kinda late. Good to know you can still get a pint at the
football at some stadiums in the world. Not in Scotland. Stadium’s not full at all. Just ordered one of these, bofsandwich. Looks
good, thank you. You’re welcome. Oh, lovely. Right, five minutes left, we’re going to get
out of here. It’s two – nil to Copenhagen. We’re going to beat the crowds. We don’t want
to be queuing up for our bus home. Ridiculously healthy stuff at the 7-Eleven
here. Protein Skyr. Cold pressed Paleo juice and salads. Ok, since I have been eating all the chocolate
square muesli bars in the executive lounge, I have to punish myself with a gym session
, obviously, and let’s see what we’ve got here. Dumbbells that don’t go that heavy, and a
pull-up bar, some cable machines and a leg press machine. And that’s it as far as the
resistance machines go. We’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six pieces of cardio equipment.
That’s what’s wrong with gyms. They pack it full of cardio equipment and hardly any resistance
equipment. I guess I, I guess I can just do some pull-ups and stuff. So I ate about 20 muesli bars, so I reckon
I that means I have to do 20 sets of this and then we’re even. Amazingly healthy looking salad here, for
supper, courtesy of 7-Eleven, of course. Back in the gym, building up an appetite for
breakfast. Good morning Copenhagen. We’re check out in
about an hour and a half, but first breakfast, and as Hilton Diamond you’re supposed to get
a free continental breakfast in the executive lounge, although I spoke nicely to reception
and they’ve given me a voucher for the main hotel buffet, so we’re going to go and stuff
our faces there. Hello. We have voucher. Hard boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs. Oh yeah,
Danish bacon. Sausages. Mushrooms, the full breakfast. Hash browns. Lovely jubbly. Fried eggs and baked beans. Yeah, one omelette with everything and one
oatmeal please, thank you. Some lovely fruit salads. Dessert for later. More pastries. Right, let’s see what we’ve got here. Some
oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. Fruit, salad. Fruit salad. Bacon, beans, the full
breakfast, cause we’ve got the big omelette there with all the toppings and a couple of
pastries. Oh my god, he’s just come back with a plate
covered in tomato ketchup. How to ruin your food. How to make it taste better. Well, destroyed all that. I’m kinda tempted
to go up and get more. I don’t know if that would be considered a bit greedy or not. Well,
nowhere near full, but just going to have one wee Danish pastry since we’re still in
Denmark a wee side of Skyr yogurt with some nuts. don’t want to be too full. I don’t want
to be sitting on Ryanair with a full belly, it’s already difficult enough to get through
a Ryanair flight without feeling sick, so we’re going to be checking out of here in
about half an hour. At the airport. This is the sad part of any
trip, going home. I am actually feeling pretty good, though. Feeling pretty good about myself
for not stuffing my face at that buffet and leaving before I felt sick, which is what
I normally do when I’m at a buffet. I’m actually feeling pretty good. I had a good time in Copenhagen. Looking for
my brother, he’s not past passport control yet. Had a good time in Copenhagen, and the
only thing is we missed out on the best thing about Copenhagen, which is the Tivoli gardens
amusement park, so I guess I’m going to have to come back here some time in the future
and check that out, but thanks for following this vlog. If you made it this far I reckon
you have to give it a wee thumbs up, leave a comment and maybe even subscribe eh? Right,
see you guys next time.


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