Weekend Reflection – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

– The Christmas season is over. Now what? (soft instrumental music) This week in our first reading, the first things that we hear
from the prophet Isaiah are, you are my servant, Israel,
through whom I show my glory. What does that mean for us? This time that we are entering into is called ordinary time in English. The word ordinary can seem
somewhat like, boring, or just that ordinary time of the year, but when you look at the
color oF the vestments, we see the color green. It is a signal of fruit on the tree. It’s the idea that you and
I are called to bear fruit in our own lives. We don’t just meditate
upon the Christmas season and receive graces from
on high for ourselves to go back and do nothing. But it’s for us to shine
with the glory of the Lord. To be reminded of our role in this world. That you are an ambassador
of our Lord Jesus at every moment that you
are out in the world. It is the mission field. But brothers and sisters, if we are living our faith, if Jesus has made an impact in our life, then the new evangelization
flows freely from that. When you see the color green, think of activity. Think of the fruit on the tree. Think of the words of the prophet Isaiah who tells us very clearly, “You are called to shine
with the glory of the Lord.” (deep bass music) ♪ He called me to the ocean ♪ ♪ But all I see for miles
are winds and waves ♪

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