Weekend Training EU Funds – Moverim

Since 2001, Moverim Consulting has been
providing expert consulting services and strategic
advice for the planning and management of EU projects. Conveniently located in the heart of the
EU quarter in Brussels, we work with a range of clients from all
over Europe. From 2014 to 2020, programmes like Erasmus + and Horizon 2020 will provide schools, teachers, students
universities research centers, NGOs and enterprises with remarkable funding opportunities. However, the public perception of EU
project in Europe is still that they represent a fascinating but rather obscure concept. Some of the most common problems that our clients have are the difficulties are dealing with the
massive amount of bureaucracy and grasping the concept of EU
project management that are indispensable for conceiving, drafting, and managing a project. Our company composed of project managers with long experience in the field of
education, research and innovation projects proposes
intensive training sessions. The aim of these sessions is to provide
the participants with the theoretical concepts and
operative principles essential for joining up and
implementing EU projects in the educational, research and
innovation sectors. During the three-day sessions, we also
carry out exercises based on real projects in order to ensure participants are
familiar with the reality of how EU projects actually work. The
courses are targeted at all individuals and organizations active in the fields
of research, innovation, education, training, youth and sports, small
and medium-sized enterprises or any individual eager to acquire a
thorough understanding of the theoretical and practical framework of EU projects. So check out our website
and Facebook page for further information and special offers. See you in brussels !

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