Weekend With Suresh | Honest Government Officer – Part 2 | KEB | S02E01

Sir.. Your junior engineer.. who learnt from you.. has built such buildings. I wonder how your buildings are. It must have created records! So we have that data also.. Let’s watch.. VT Please This toilet building that you are
seeing.. is my very first project. Government toilet.. Such an apt beginning! This one? It’s my first multi-storied
building. Look how grand it is! Grand? Ok this one? These are the houses I built for poor people’s ‘ashraya’ project. About 600 families have happily settled there. Such cute houses! This one? What you are ‘seeing’ here is a beautiful bridge! West Bengal government had given this project to us.
They formed an elite team and sent us to Europe for study purpose. We studied
Indo-Greek architecture there and even Arabic style too. We toiled
so much for this! Sir, sorry.. I am not able to see the bridge. You can’t see? No.. I cant see anything What do you mean you can’t see anything there? You mean that I procured funds for bridge and
used it for my niece’s marriage? Do you mean that? Do you want to see it’s documents? Ramayya,
get those papers.. No no let me show.. Hey get me the papers man! No.. no need for papers. You are such senior.. Look.. there is a famous saying
in government circles. Don’t crib that you don’t have. Imagine
you have everything, you will be happy Imagine you have. Yes yes I see it now. In the
edges and all. How beautiful! How long did you take to build? I think.. This is the shortest time
taken to build a bridge in India’s history! It’s in Guinness records. We have documents
even for that, you can check there also.. You finished bridge and your
niece’s marriage together, right? Now, two of your closest friends
are here to talk about you.. Hey Suresh! How are you! How are you! Sir, This is Ramesh. He is my
closest friend! RTO officer. In my opinion, you should have invited
him on this chair. Such a golden heart! You know, he gifted Driver’s
license for my son’s 13th birthday! That’s all nothing. When I was building my house,
he helped me so much with cement, sand and all. Do you remember you gave me a gate with
government’s emblem? I had to remove it somehow. Such unique difficulties! But still, I am very curious, if
you gifted DL for 13th birthday, what’s the gift for 18th? I will gift an entire area’s collection
for him! He deserves it.. *melodramatic friendship song* Do something about that tummy.. Yes I am walking every morning, next to MTR. Who is this? He is PDO Officer.. He is only one who was
selected in first batch and is still alive Leave me.. Leave me.. Are you really PDO officer? You have alive? Yes, yes Oh, one selfie please! You are unique.. leave me.. leave me.. You need to know this about him. When he didn’t sign as required,
snakes were dropped to his house. He was threatened like anything. But he has seen it all through and survived till now. You are the example for the saying ‘survival of the fittest’. It’s all because of my seniors who taught me that if
you adjust to the corrupt system, the system will adjust to you. That has helped me sail. Well anyway, you both have blessed us
with your presence. Now.. please.. So till now we spoke with your friends and
other important people in your life. But not about your family? Like I said, we married and then that house promise.. No no no.. You have a family in every district
that you worked at. Let’s talk about That family! This research team seems to be really
good. Belgaum.. Dharwad.. The other family sir.. We government employees are all
like a family always. This gentleman works for water board.
This one works at electricity board. Not your KEB! The real one.. You must often wonder about how
govt works are done in such a speed. It’s precisely because our different
departments work in tandem. Our mechanism works like a smooth cycle. I will tell you with an example. Shall we? Let’s say in January, I construct
a road and Bill it. In February, I will dig that road up for sewage work. In March, I repair that road and Bill it again. In April, I spoil that road to fix electricity poles. Again in May, I repair that road and Bill it again. This goes on and on. Irrespective of
who is in our positions, this cycle runs smoothly. This is purely God’s grace. Sir sir how could you forget me.. Local cable.. Oho! Local cable boy! He has
helped us so much in creating bills. What’s your name? Cable Krishna, right.. Thank you, so happy to have you all here. Come to office. We will take a break and continue after that. Sir, someone who was very close to you since childhood
has spoken about your first class integrity. Let’s see? Hi Suresh, how are you? Sir, we both go long way back. Anyway let’s not talk about that. I had to get my house and site records signed. All my
friends warned me that I will have to shell out lot of money as bribe. It’s a government job, so be prepared to pay a lot But to my surprise, it was Suresh sitting there! I was relieved that I don’t have to spend. And I
was happy that my money would remain with me But that’s when I saw his loyalty and principles.
He signed only after he got everything he wanted. He could have made me an exception for someone close as me. But no, he doesn’t mix personal
feelings with work ethics. Sir, I did not discount the officer who
hired me. Would I let her go then? We know that government work is God’s work. But now we learnt that not just temples have donation box.
Even government offices have hundi. We have brought it here. Please welcome ‘Govt Donation Box’. This is Ramayya, my peon. Dropped kids to school in morning?
Don’t forget to pick up. Ok.. You can go now.. Thank you.. It doesn’t go empty handed like that. I am amazed by not just your efficiency.
His efficiency too! He is so good at such an young age. I need to tell this at this juncture. A request to all govt employees is to take
only as much as it is mentioned in rules. Yes friends the request is not to go beyond 4% -?? No no, Depending on the department and
position, it varies. Yes ok so our guest is kind enough to request
not to take beyond prescribed percentages. Sir, very rarely do I go to govt offices. But when I do, I get confused. So many things are vague there. We don’t get to know how much to give and whether to give or not. Friends, at govt offices, please don’t
give randomly and get cheated. There are guidelines for this.. This gesture is to demand 500 rupees. This one is for a thousand rupees. If he does all these gestures, it’s for two thousand. If he walks away from the work. it doesn’t mean it
can’t be done. It means you have to increase the rate. Sir I should have done this show a couple of
months back. I gave 3000 for this gesture. Oh.. It’s ok.. You look rich.. Anyway sir for telling us about these slabs,
we have a gift for you from Navodaya friends. Such a shining plate. A personal question. With great difficulty,
you completed niece’s marriage, another niece’s marriage was coming up. You prepared for that also! A newly proposed project would have settled your entire family. But- Don’t talk about it that steel..? Yes man.. that steel project.. Yeah exactly that steel project.. it was
in my name..! My trusted people cheated me. How will you cope up? I won’t leave it. You just see.. these people want trees right? I will
build steel trees.. I will build steel forest. Lot of money in steel. I will
bring steel everywhere. You personify the attitude of never giving up. Another curious question. When you are building a
flyover, why is the road beneath it always damaged? We play with people’s minds. See when we are
building a flyover, when work is in progress, if roads beneath it are smooth and nice,
people will question the need for flyover. No, on those roads, people should suffer like
anything! Then people will feel how wonderful flyover is. Sir we are about to wrap up now.
Tell us about your next plans? Considering my efficiency, govt has placed
me in charge of metro phase 2&3. So I promise that phase 2&3 will arrive
in the same ‘speed’ in which phase 1 came. Now if you have to apologise to
anybody, stage is all yours. I want to apologise to that
lady who was in VT. Actually, I had promised to marry her. I
succumbed to ‘Taali-bhagya’ scheme. ‘Taali Bhaagya’? See I had passed exam and all that.
Final round was interview. In the interview, the interviewer asked me
to either pay 80 lakhs or marry his niece. I was from a middle class you see. So I had to
let her go and I want to apologise for that. So viewers.. so man Sir, his time over, he went off.


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