WE’RE BACK IN MEXICO CITY! | How to make a travel video

Most people only take a few seconds to decide whether they will keep watching a video or click away which leads to the most important thing.. get the people hooked for example with titles like these ones.. or with a great opening shot add an epic beat.. add some epic music.. add some epic voiceover… Mexico City Mexico’s biggest City… and millions will watch your video.. well sadly life is not as easy as that, but you know it never hurts to start with a nice opening shot we are back in Mexico City and the last few days we met some of our subscribers that said OMG I love the way you edit the videos! and a lot of the comments that we receive are talking about the same thing first of all thank you very much, muchas gracias, danke! but second of all, editing is just a part of the process because there’s so much more that goes into the making of one of our videos that’s why today we’re using Mexico City as an example to show you how we make a travel video Joss and Janik style sometimes we like to give you information in our videos for example right now we’re in Santa Fe which is the most modern district of Mexico City as you can see behind me there’s beautiful skyscrapers you feel like you’re in a completely different place, it’s very luxurious and they opened this park which is “Parque la mexicana” about two years ago first since we’re here let’s talk about the first question.. what equipment do we use? I asked you guys on Instagram what do you think, how much camera gear do I have in my backpack? and the average amount you mentioned was… so let’s see if you’re correct we have a camera with the lens, a 2nd lens, a Gorillapod, a stabilizer, a microphone, an extra battery and a clip-on microphone we don’t know how interested you guys are in the technical details but for now we just want to share our opinion very briefly about two things here we have our gimbal and our camera in our case we really wanted to create cool looking videos so we decided to get a cool camera that can do all that stuff but for the first two years we were recording with this camera.. super small and it worked great but now we decided to upgrade because of these reasons if you want to read all of this pause the video now well too late… but if you’re walking or running it’s pretty much impossible to be smooth and that’s why we got this guy with this you can achieve some pretty amazing shots now when we enter a place we usually look for signs that determine whether it’s forbidden or allowed to record the rules at the entrance didn’t mention it but after just five minutes.. sometimes we find amazing looking places but we’re not allowed to record there without a permit and that happened today here at La Mexicana, we had to go all the way to the administration and ask them “please let us make this video” and now we’re allowed to be only in this area of the park now here’s the thing, you can have the most amazing shots in the history of ever but if you audio is bad it’s really hard to watch your video we use this tiny microphone, tiny like Joss.. but it only works if we’re close to the camera If we are far away is already a little bit harder and if we are super far away you probably cannot hear me.. so for the times when we are far away from the camera we have these small clip-on microphones and now check this out.. I can be super far away and you can still hear me isn’t it amazing? I look super weird because people are probably thinking “why is this guy just
talking to himself?” yeah I’m going to go closer now.. so that concludes it part of the equipment and just for you to get an idea we took four hours to record this OMG yeah it takes a long time.. Wow since the Sun was about to go down we decided to keep recording the next day but whenever we make this decision it never works out we got to another place I don’t even want to say that much because we usually find something else that we could record is full of light, it’s called Antara Fashion Hall and it is right in front of the Soumaya Museum anyways let’s get back on track there’s super many dogs.. we are in Parque España in Condesa My hood has my back people! why did we come to condesa? because in Munich we went to a restaurant with the name “Condesa”.. no, I’m kidding that is not the reason.. the reason is because it’s supposed to be beautiful so we’re checking it out, it’s now 10:00 a.m. and it’s pretty cold that’s why I’m wearing my winter jacket that I was wearing in New York when it was – 15 degrees… -exaggerating.. interestingly yesterday the phone said “unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups” and actually when you look far it’s pretty foggy or dusty we only have 40 minutes until we have to go to the bus station to take the bus to San Luis Potosi so let’s get straight to the point.. you know, for this video we took around two days of preparation and two days ago when we originally wanted to record it we talked about it for so long that Janik even had a meltdown I’m super annoyed because we’re discussing the creative process for two or three hours now wasting the entire day.. and we cannot come up with a good solution my mind is blocked and I’m not in the mood to record anything else and I just want to go eat meltdown.. the problem is.. a travel video we’re just strolling around without giving any valuable information only works for youtubers that already have a huge amount of subscribers that watch their videos no matter what they produce we think we don’t belong to them.. so we have to put a lot of effort into the plan guys we made it to Amsterdam, not the country but the street here in Condesa and it’s so beautiful I’ve never been here before it literally looks like a small park in
the middle of the street there’s dogs everywhere.. it’s pretty nice but there’s another problem, there’s a lot of travel videos out there and if your video is one in a hundred.. why would people click on yours anyways? so for that reason and because we don’t like to be all educational we prioritize storytelling we are super passionate about entertaining you guys so we combine a travel vlog with a story for example when I surprised Joss with the date in Venice or when she surprised me with the date in Paris there are already a bunch of travel videos about those cities but we want it to feel like a movie we want you to be touched on an emotional level and at the same time we want to showcase the beauty of those cities you probably won’t get to learn that much .. -no but we want to inspire you to visit those cities just by the feeling that our videos transmit and then the worst nightmare of every travel vlogger became a reality.. guys something bad happened.. it says “writing to the memory card was not completed correctly.. recover data?” and I don’t know if I should click yes or cancel if our footage is gone.. -if yes, dude.. I don’t know what to do for that moment it meant we were not able to finish the video in Mexico City so that’s it for recording time in Mexico City, hopefully I can save the footage, if not i will be super pissed.. luckily in the end we only lost one clip.. so we took the bus to San Luis Potosi which was by the way the coolest bus I’ve ever traveled with.. I mean look at that space and kept recording there… we made it to SLP and it’s even colder than Mexico City.. and I’m probably exaggerating a lot.. usually when we record a travel vlog we record for one or two days, this part can be extremely fun but sometimes also a bit annoying recording usually means walking around the entire day carrying a heavy backpack on the shoulders always trying to find nice locations, nice angles.. -The fountain stopped.. nice lighting.. -the Sun is gone and now I have to wait because without Sun it looks super crappy speaking to a camera while other people stare at you look.. -there are funny people in the background behind us.. -should we do it again? Messing up a bunch of times.. they have a huge variety of genres and
you can basict.. you do it.. I know you want us to make more videos a week but we usually take one to trow, three to three.. recording the same shot over and over again until you’re satisfied not finishing everything you wanted to do
that day and keep going the next day some people think that making travel video is super fun and easy, you just get to travel all around the world and talk a little bit in front of the camera and that’s it, but in reality it’s not that simple.. you see, we love our job and even in a bad way we wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world but in order to give you an insight into our process we have to break it to you making a travel video can be so much fun but it doesn’t mean you’re on vacation now, once you’re done recording you get to the last part of the process and for us it’s the most time-consuming one editing.. we know you want us to make more videos in a week but we usually take around three to four days to edit one travel vlog so unless we’re getting faster at it… it’s not gonna happen you are too old for this dude.. -No! I have a big butt, dude..! now, we don’t want to go that much into detail of our editing process but we use DaVinci Resolve to edit our videos because it’s for free and Janik says is cool but there’s one thing that makes travel videos or videos in general so much better and it’s music the great thing about music is that it also creates emotions check this out.. this is the moment we tried the best
croissant we’ve ever had you can see we liked it but it doesn’t really show how we felt on the inside so slow it down and put a song underneath now music doesn’t only create emotions
but can also set the vibe of a scene let’s have a look at this shot with a
couple of different songs underneath ..perfect! the only question is, where can you find
cool music for your videos? for three years now we’ve been using epidemic sound, they have a huge variety of genres and you can basically find anything you want some action music want to have some tropical vibes? some classy New York vibes some eighties reggaeton.. so as you can see they have a lot to offer and the best part is that is royalty-free so you don’t have to worry about any copyright issues on youtube if you want to try it out yourself and you use the link in our description you will get two months for free just for you to try it this is a special offer that epidemic sound gave us for our viewers and it’s only valid until the end of the year so sign up before January and if you like it great and if you don’t then you can cancel at any time now you can have the most amazing video ever, you can create a masterpiece, you can work on it for ages but sadly it doesn’t mean that anybody will watch it No and that is the annoying part of YouTube, nobody understands the algorithm we don’t understand it either we don’t know what works and what
doesn’t the only thing you can do is have a catchy title and a very good thumbnail and if that doesn’t work out then just put your girlfriend in bikini
… or your boyfriend in a tanga.. -you like that aah? -shhh shut up! guys this is how we finish our ear, right here this is the last video of the year for Joss and Janik we just wanted to say thank you so much for watching our videos for, allowing us to do this for a living that’s why we wanted to show you a little bit of the behind the scenes.. yes and hopefully we could inspire some of you to create something in the next year yes there’s space here for everybody we would love to see some of your guys’s content and yeah, thank you so so much because of you we get to work together and be together in the same country yes, we get to be partners in crime so hopefully we’ll see you next
year Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. We love
you! Adios Muchachos! Tschüss!


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