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Hi Guys so right now I’m just sat on my
bed, it is the morning it’s about half past eight I’ve had my shower and I’ve
done some yoga which you must have seen in the previous clip and today I’m gonna
be filming a ‘what I eat in a day’ as you could probably tell from the title and
I’m super excited to film this because I always see cool people like on YouTube
doing these and I am trying a lot harder to not watch I eat, but more in an
environmental aspect so like less meat and trying to eat less dairy or consume less dairy, so doing that is quite tricky but I’m used to it a bit more now. I’m gonna
go downstairs to get my breakfast I’m pretty sure we’re having smoothies because I really like smoothies and then I’ll show you guys. I’m gonna be doing a
couple of things today so I thought I’d take you guys along with me. We’re gonna be going out for lunch at ‘The Cricklade Club’ and going to be having some veggie
chili which my mum has put in the slow cooker, gonna be making a couple of
things showing you guys how I make them in case you guys want to make them too-
which you should because everything in this video is delicious. Right now I’m
drinking my smoothie which I have every morning. I prefer to start my morning
with a smoothie that has all these nutrients in it such as oats and some
frozen berries bananas apples spinach almond milk and lots of good stuff that
I’ll probably show you when I’m going to show you how I make the smoothie. I
think it’s nicer to drink it rather than have to eat all these things separately
throughout the day and it starts your day off with loads of energy and really
good nutrients and it tastes bloomin delicious! The frozen berries
make it really refreshing because it’s quite cold and really sweet and really
nice. So I’m gonna take you guys along with me I’ve just done some yoga had a
shower did some reading upstairs now I’m gonna film this video for you guys. So
I’m gonna show you how I make my smoothie now I’ve obviously already had mine
but I thought maybe you guys wanna see how I make it
because it’s really delicious but this one will keep until tomorrow which will
be easy enough because I don’t need to make one tomorrow and I’ll just put in
the fridge. So first going to go in with some spinach- about this much. This
is for one person so you can make the proportions bigger or smaller if you
want to. Next I’m going to put in my oats and I’m going to pour in my milk next –
this is almond milk but you can use any milk or milk alternative that you want. I’m going to put in my frozen berries
you can get these from pretty much any supermarket or make your own and then
I’m going to put in my banana – i’m only going to put in three bits, it’s looking quite full. Then I’m going to put in some apple – I’m going to do three bits again. Then you just pop on the lid this is a NutriBullet blender – pop on the lid and give it a little whizz on the blender So we’re on the way to the lunch place
now and I’m so hungry because I spent like pretty much all morning
filming and editing a video for you guys which will be up soon. So yeah, i’m just really hungry and I’m really excited to get some food. We just got here and there’s a car in
the car park and it looks like there’s poo all over – it’s poo all over the car!
It’s like covered in flies that’s so gross but that looks like it’s
been thrown on the car! It’s so bright- that’s why I brought my sunnies. We’ve got our table and this is the menu. If you ever come here and they have the
chocolate Brioche cake get it! It is so good! Honestly I’ve had about three times.
Oh my goodness it’s so good. Normally I get the braised beans so I’m probably
gonna get that if they have it Yeah they do. I’m gonna get that I
think. So I’m here with my sister and I think- what are you having the spiced
cauliflower taco? Yeah. That looks good. So I did end up getting the braised
beans and they look so good I’m giving my mum the toast because I don’t eally like sourdough but it comes with an egg, beans, some veggies
it’s in like a sauce and it’s kinda a little bit spicy and it tastes so good
I’ve had it before and the other one that my sister got is the cauliflower taco –
sorry that’s a bit rubbish camera work but you know! It
looks so good it comes with like lime and halloumi and stuff which looks delicious. We’re going to Tesco now to grab some stuff for dinner for tonight because I’m gonna make a couple
of bits to go with it my Mum’s doing a chili in the slow cooker which I’m
really excited for because my Mum does really good chili. So it’s in the slow cooker
right now and we’re gonna make some tortilla chips with like wraps we’ve
done it before and it was really nice This is a tiny little Tesco it’s really cute. I’m at the bread aisle – okay I was gonna get white wraps well I was gonna get brown wraps but they don’t have any so i’ll have to get white wraps. Do I get tiny wraps or big wraps is the question. Ooo this brand-
this is the brand I like. I don’t think they do them here, but it’s like a vegan
and gluten free brand it’s called Schar (I don’t know how to pronounce it) but they do like you know those little Nutella dip breadstick pop things, they do those but they’re like
vegan and they’re free of palm oil which is really good because
Nutella has palm oil in it which isn’t that good for the planet unfortunately –
as good as Nutella is! It destroys the trees so yeah as good as it
is just get palm oil free it’s an easy swap to make! Oh they have mini Jaffa Cakes! Do Jaffa Cakes count as chocolate? They do.
They’re dark chocolate aren’t they? Are they?
Yeah! Aren’t they? No milk and dark chocolate. So some
milk and some are dark? I’m confused. Which Jaffa Cake are you? The half moon eater, full moon eater, total eclipse? Total Eclipse- shove it in.
No because I eat off the jam first.
I’m talking about me! I just shove it in. So we’re playing a game where we have to sneak stuff into my Mum’s basket.
I’m sneaking this my sister’s sneaking Haribo. Is the dark chocolate still in the basket? So right now I’m
just stood in the kitchen and I thought I’d show you guys how I make the
tortilla chip things so I’m only using one wrap at the moment but normally I’d
have like a pile of them and then you just cut them into triangles using
whatever knife you can find this one is just a bread knife- like this. It doesn’t have to be perfect some people like smaller ones and some
people like bigger ones then I’ve got my nice little pile of wrap things like
this this I’m just going to drizzle on a little bit of olive oil like this you
don’t have to like coat each individual one because you kinda like rub it around
a little bit yeah just like this. Nice and coated – it doesn’t really matter if
they’re not too even because it’s all gonna bake anyway
a little bit of salt and quite a lot of pepper because I really like them nice and flavourful.
You can add whatever seasonings you want to these – you could add some paprika I
guess or cheese just make them whatever flavor you want and then pop them in the
oven for 10 minutes. So right now I’m just sat on the sofa because it’s just
about to be dinner time and as I said earlier we are having chili and I made
the wrap crispy things. I changed outfit just into some more comfy clothes.
So let me just go show you my dinner. So the chili was made in the slow cooker
and we’re just having some rice and I made these like tortilla chip things. Thank you guys so so much for watching please let me know if you have any more
vegetarian recipes that you’d like to share with me I’d love to open my mind
to a few more cool ones um what do you guys eat in a day? Leave
that down below I’d love to know um yeah Thank you guys so so much for watching
have an awesome week I love you all so so much! Bye! x


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