What I’m Reading This Weekend

Hello everyone. I hope that you had a very
joyous holiday season. I am back after a little tiny bit of a hiatus. After a 25 day streak
of videos, I was a little exhausted. So to acclimate myself back into video making I
thought that I would do a quick Friday Reads or weekend reads video for you. None of these
books are too surprising some of them are repeats that you’ve seen for months. I thought
that I’d share them with you. And in the upcoming days you have some of the other exciting
booktube beginning of the year videos to look forward to. The first book that I am reading
I finally picked up after a slight hiatus from it, it is Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.
Honestly there was an essay in here towards the beginning that kind of put me off for
a little while and I set this aside. But there has been a total resurgence. It is all turning
around. I absolutely love every essay I’ve read since then. And I just can’t get enough
of it and I absolutely love Roxane Gay. She is da bomb dot com. There is a slight chance
that I may actually finish this before I go back to work on Monday, which I kind of have
to because I have to return it to Interlibrary loan. *whine*
The next book or novella that I’m going to read this weekend is Ethan Frome by Edith
Wharton. I’m doing kind of a casual buddy read with Stephen from SteveReadsBooks, whose
probably already read it (by now) . His love and passion for Edith Wharton recently has
just inspired me to pick up this book that’s been on my shelf for ages. Because a friend
of mine years ago recommended this book to me when I was looking to get into classics.
And I’m really enjoying it so far. Actually I’m really excited to hear what Stephen
thinks of this. Been in a super productive ambitious reading mood lately, so if I finish
those or make progress , I really really wanted to start this book before the end of the year,
but I didn’t want to rush it. So that book is We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
by Karen Joy Fowler. Again this is a repeat, you’ve seen this on my channel like a hundred
times. But this is going to happen. I’m going to read this freakin’ book. And it’s
going to be great, it’s going to be great. I have, I have such high expectations, not
too high, but high expectations. I’m looking forward to this very much. Those are all the
books that I plan to read over the weekend. I’d love to hear what you are planning on
reading in the comments below. As I mentioned earlier, look forward to some of the exciting
beginning of the year booktube videos such as my favorite books from 2014, some reading
statistics, what I read in December, etc etc. You have many Susie videos to come in your
future. As always please feel free to share you thoughts on the books that I mentioned
here today in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you very
soon with a new video. Bye!


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