What Is Startup Weekend

♫ (electronica organ style music) ♫ Eugene Woo – Entrepreneur:
Kids these days. They don’t know their limits,
man. Instead of getting a job, I’m just gonna do a startup and, you know, maybe I’ll make tons of money. I’ll build the next Facebook. I mean I think everyone has ideas. I think everyone, to some degree, is an innovator. But an Entrepreneur is a person who takes that idea and acts up it and tries to execute upon it. So a I have lots of ideas, That’s the problem, I think, with most people (laughs) Ronan Levy:
Startup Weekend is basically take your idea and turn it into action. And then at the end of the weekend you pitch to a panel of judges who have either venture background, startup background. Eugene Woo:
It’s either I make it really well and very rich. Or I’m just gonna be. Just gonna be broke my whole life. Ronan Levy:
It’s a whirlwind. That’s for sure. Entrepreneurship is surely a whirlwind. Ah, like no other it comes with the highest highs and lowest lows. Eugene Woo:
Things have changed. Two or three guys with like a few hundred or thousand dollars can go out there and build a product that can then turn out a billion dollar company. ♫ (music) ♫ Ronan Levy:
You think you can understand what it’s like to own the responsibility for creating a business. But you can’t. Until you actually put yourself in the entrepreneur’s shoes. ♫ Just say now. ♫ ♫ Just say nowwww. ♫ ♫ Far a way outside (fade to silence). ♫


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