What’s inside our 2018 Christmas Presents?

– [Dad] Good morning, kiddos. – Morning.
– Good morning! – [Lincoln] Can we come out? – [Dad] Why’d you rip
this paper everywhere? – [Lincoln] It was the dog, she ripped it. This is a little doggie door. – [Dad] Oh, hi, dog. (celebratory music) Hey, mama, merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas. – [Dad] Claire and London, on three- – [London] Two, one! – [Dad] Two, one! (paper ripping) (giggling) (bright Christmas music) (yelling) – Yes, yes, mountain bike! – Sticky putty, putty, putty, putty. – Oh, I got money. Yes, but look at this cool container! Chocolate. (umbrella popping open) – It’s so pretty! – Let me open up mine! (umbrella popping open) Oh! – [Dad] Whoa. – Okay, can you close this? ‘Cause I don’t know how. – [Dad] Oh, the dog got a present, what is it? – It’s a bone! You want it? Oh, oh! Oh, yeah, oh yeah, here, you can have it! – [Dad] Merry Christmas, dog! – [Claire] Yes! – Oh, and we opened one at the same time! – [Dad] What is that London? – LOL Surprise Doll. – It shows you this thing right here, but you can’t really tell what it is, but you put this up to it and it shows you what you have to find. (wrap crinkling) – [Dad] Oh, you have
to get the right code? – Yeah. – [Dad] It doesn’t tell you the code? – Yeah, I know, that’s
why it’s so much fun! – [London] What person do
you have wrapped over it? – Yes, okay! So I lost my electric toothbrush like, a year ago and I really
needed another one ’cause I have this beat up, disgusting one and now I just got another one, so yes! – [Dad] You haven’t brushed
your teeth in like, a year. – No I haven’t! – [Dad] I know, that’s what I said. – I brushed mine last night. – [Dad] Is that socks? – No, this one’s something really great. – [Dad] Underwear? – No, 50 bucks! – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – I think, yes basketball shorts. – [Mom] Go ahead, tell ’em what you got. – I got AirPods! – Lincoln’s always wanted a
pair and he’s never had one. – No, I had a pair and
then you took it from me, you took it. Mom’s like here’s a present for you here’s some AirPods. – M-mm, I know but, – And you lost yours, – They were mine that I bought. – Yes, but you had your own, – No, I bought em and
then left for the day, I come back and she’s like ‘I gave these to Lincoln!’ – Yeah and if you, – They were not yours though. – No but, you got, there
was three pairs though. – [Mom] That’s true. – [Lincoln] There’s three pairs there. – ‘Cause I knew I was gonna lose them. – There’s three pairs on the counter. There are three pairs of AirPods. You don’t need three pairs. – [Mom] So you’re super
grateful for AirPods this year, is what you’re saying? – Yes, that’s what I’m saying. ‘Cause I’m super happy
I actually got AirPods, you better not take them. (loud sipping) – [Dad] Okay, guesses,
this is the biggest present of them all. Other than that bike over there. This is a big box. – Yeah. – [Dad] Size wise, this is the biggest. What do you think it is? One guess. – I have no clue, ’cause- – [Dad] I have no clue is not a guess. – Mom dropped me off at
school one day and she’s like, ‘okay I need to go pick up your present and I came back into the car and there’s this huge present like
this in a cardboard box. – [Dad] Lincoln, it’s time. (intense suspenseful music) (paper tearing) – Ta-da! (paper ripping) What is this? I haven’t- I think you two are excited for this one. No way! That’s amazing! – [Dad] What is it? – It’s a Jimmy John’s clock
that they have in the stores! How did you get this? – [Dad] That was not easy to get. – How did you get this? – [Dad] Mommy got that, wait. Plug it in! Does it light up? Do you know, have you seen
those in the store before? – Yeah, I’ve seen them
inside the store before. – [Mom] Guess what, they don’t
do ’em in the stores anymore. – [Dad] Plug it in there. – But I’ve seen them. – [Mom] I know, but this
is a rare thing now. – [Dad] Oh, here we go, let’s see. – Yep, I’ve seen these inside the store. They’re so cool! – We have a really nice neighbor, that owns a number of franchises, and he went and found it for
us and got it for you. – [Lincoln] Did you ask him? – Yeah. – [Dad] Yeah, he went
and found it from like, Texas or something. We didn’t even have to pay for it, he just said we could have it. – [Mom] So kind. – Wait, really? – He lives right around the corner so we’re going to go meet him cause he says he has some more stuff for you. Does that sound fun? – Yeah, I love Jimmy John’s. – [Dad] Hashtag not sponsored. – [Mom] It’s not sponsored! – [Dad] It was free from
a Jimmy John’s owner but, other than that. (laughter) That’s why I said, “Hey
Lincoln, it’s time!” (comedic rimshot) That’s what I said. – (clapping) Good job. (bright Christmas bells) – [Dad] What is it Claire? – It’s the, it’s – I know what it is, I
know what it is, a doll. I got a new Barbie doll! – [Dad] Two dolls. – This is for you both of us. – Mini bake shop, bake shop! Oh, I seen this on YouTube. – [Girl] Oh my goodness! They’re so tiny! – [Dad] Oh, the dog
wants her other present? – Another reason why – [Claire] This one’s from me. Ready, do you want it? (toy squeaking) Ready, go get it! (toy bounces on floor) – [Mom] She’s trying to
make her way through. – [Dad] Okay open it up Momma. – Oh, I have to open it, I’m sorry! – [Lincoln] It’s that fragile? – It’s that fragile. – [Dad] It’s for momma. (gasps) – [Lincoln] Let’s see what this is. – Ohh, you framed it! – M-hmm, you like it? – Yes I do! Yes, I love it! – So, tell them why it’s that special. We got it in Prague and I was so excited to find a gingerbread store.
– [Dad] A gingerbread store. And what is it? – It’s a gingerbread ballerina! – [Dad] Why is that special? – Because I wrote a book
about a gingerbread ballerina. (dad chuckles) I got you a present. – [Dad] Aww! – Oh, that’s why it has
no wrapping stuff in it. – [Mom] We were out of tissue paper. (squeals excitedly) (squeals again) – It’s the hugest plushie I’ve
seen in my whole entire life! Oh my goodness! It’s huge and amazing! Thank you, oh, ohh. – [Claire] Smell it. (sniffs) – It smells good! – I seem to lose all my
socks every single year. – [Dad] Oh, that’s so exciting. Get used to it, you’re going to get socks the rest of your life from here on out. Every Christmas. – There’s nothing wrong with
that, I lose all of them. – [Dad] What is it Lincoln? – Eyedrops. – [Dad] Eyedrops? – Eyedrops. – [Dad] Aww, eye like that one. (comedic rimshot) (laughs) – Thank you Lincoln! – Oh yeah, you’re welcome, you
can dye your hair pink now. And purple, like completely purple. – [Dad] Wait, Lincoln got you this? This is your present? Hair coloring? – M-hmm! (boxes clattering) – [Dad] Wow, look at all that beauty. – Lotions, tons of
lotions and awesome stuff. – [Dad] Oh, wow. – This stuff makes me happy
and I got a box of style. – [Dad] Ooh. – Also not sponsored, but
these are the things I love. – [Dad] Hello gorgeous
it says inside of it. – They do a great job. A watch, it comes with a watch. Claire really wants the watch. – [Lincoln] Have you ever worn a watch? I’ve never seen you wearing one. – Lotion, what was this? Oh, a pretty ring. I’m gonna put my ring on right now. – [Dad] So you opened it
before you wrapped it? – [Mom] No I didn’t open
it, they tell you online. Look at that, it’s pretty. Sleeping night oil, yes! – Yes, more calf socks,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Dad] More socks. (comedic rimshot) Claire, what have you got here? – This is a present, I
think it’s from Mommy. – And Daddy. (gasps) – M-hmm. (gasps) – [Dad] What is that? – You got it! – [Mom] So, tell them about this one. – This is what I wanted,
it’s a ballet school and then- – [Dad] A ballet school? – Yes, and it’s so cute. It comes with a bunny! – And this one goes with it too, honey. (gasps) – You got me the house! – [Dad] Is that a house for a mouse also? – Look, it looks like a story book. Open it up. – [Mom] Isn’t that the cutest? – [Dad] Oh, let me see, let me see. Oh, that’s so cute. – [Mom] So I got you some of it, and then Maileg, they sent us a note ’cause they know how much you like them and they sent you some extra stuff. Wasn’t that nice? – Yes, so nice, look
at that, look at that. Some tiny food! – [Dad] Wait what’s that? What are those little things. – Tiny food. – [Dad] Tiny food for the mice? (saxophone playing Up on the Housetop) – [Dad] Oh, London you got
some more stuff over there? – Look at this tiny food! – [Lincoln] She’s opened like five. – [Dad] Hey Lincoln, why
don’t you open up a present? I hope it’s more socks! – I saw this. Is this to help my amazing art skills? Apparently it’s just
for me just to rub it in that my art skills aren’t the best? – [Dad] Or for you to learn. – Yeah? – [Dad] That’s how you
get better at something. You practice. (barks affirmatively) – I got a computer! – [Dad] You got a computer? – [Lincoln] She got what? – An iPad! – [Dad] Ohhh, look at that! – I got a computer! – [Dad] What’s that look? – [Mom] That means that the
other computer is yours, Claire. – Yaaass! – I got a computer, a computer! – [Dad] Fancy, let’s see what Lincoln got. – I’m really, – [Mom] That’s from Kenzie. – It’s not a slinky? – [Mom] Look how cool. – Ohhh! – Alright, present for me. Ohh, glitter, it’s a glitter box. Think I know what this one is! So I lost my wallet this year and I had to buy one in the airport and so instead of a
normal one I bought this Las Vegas one ’cause it was
in the Las Vegas airport. It has velcro (velcro sound) and it says have a nice day. It’s pretty nice, I mean. My wallet has a nice pouch. This looks like one of those fancy ones with like all kinds of
compartments or something it’s strong, it feels
like it’s bulletproof. Thank you, Mamma. – [Mom] You’re welcome. (ripping paper) – [London] It says permanent color. – Shake your tail. – [Lincoln] (singing) Duck Tales, woo-ooh! – To everyone from London, wow. We got this this pineapple guy. – [Dad] Pineapple guy. – And a drawn on cup that’s pretty. Wait, if you flip it over, this one’s me, this one’s Lincoln, this one’s Claire, no this one’s Claire. And this one’s dad and this one’s mom. Like it has all of you guys’ faces. – [Mom] Was that for the whole family? – Yeah! – [Mom] Aww, that was sweet
of you, thanks London. – Aww, now I can have white teeth. (saxophone plays Jingle Bells) – This is from Grandma
Marcy and Grandpa Bill. – (squeals) Yes! – [Dad] Oh my gosh. – [Mom] What is that? – You know Mommy. – [Dad] Pooey Puitton,
Pooey Pooton, Pooey Pooton. – Slime kit! – [Dad] Oh whoa, that’s a fancy slime kit. – Okay, this is from you guys! Anybody know what it is? Look how cute! – [Dad] Ooh, it’s a fancy shoe. So you got money for V Bucks, so let’s see you get V Bucks. It’s his favorite present in here. The one thing he’s
asked for over and over. I need V Bucks Dad, I need so many I gotta buy Elsa. – I did not want that
skin, that skin is so bad. I want the frozen pack
though, see, that one’s good. – [Dad] That’s what it is. (singing) Let it gooo, let it gooo. – No, no, that’s not what I meant. Dude why are you filming me? – [Dad] I just wanna see how you put it on your computer. – How? – [Dad] Yeah. – I use your credit card. – [Dad] So then you give me the cash? Is that the deal? – Oh, they put the loading screen as it. Do you see all those skins? Those are the Frozen,
that’s the frozen pack. – [Dad] (singing) Let
it gooo, let it gooo. There’s the frozen pack. – What? Wait, you got it? What? – [Dad] You got it. – When did you get it? – [Mom] Merry Christmas! – Thanks! Wait. – [Dad] (singing) Let it gooo. You got Elsa! And you got Glimmer! And Krampus! – And these three skins! Wait, so you got, what did you buy? – [Dad] You own everything
in the shop, look at that. – No? – [Dad] You even got the
girl the ginger gunner. Cookie cutter, Krampus’ little helper. – No, no, no! (laughing) Why did you waste the V Bucks? – [Dad] They’re not wasted. They will forever be in your
account now with those people. – So you spent 11,000 V Bucks. – [Dad] Merry Christmas. Okay Lincoln I want you to play one round right now with all things Elsa. – Okay. – [Dad] Only 90 people, 89 people. – Yeah. – [Dad] 88, dropping. – Ohh, that’s actually cool. – [Dad] It’s a good skin for this weather. This place looks like
a giant present mess. Okay, so that’s Christmas,
these are our presents. We don’t show you presents
so that we can be like look at all the stuff we have. This video is for our own memories so that we can see what we have. And Christmas is more
than just about presents. It’s about sharing time
with those that you love and being kind to others and last night we had a fun
night with our family and now today this morning
we opened up some presents. So I hope that you guys
had a good Christmas, I hope you enjoyed
seeing some of the things that we got. It was a fun Christmas so far, now time to go see the rest of our family and have a good Christmas Day. So Merry Christmas! – [Mom] Whoa! – House, and it has
like a working elevator. – [Dad] A working elevator. For just, for children. (clattering) Oh yeah, it was working.


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