Will we stop travelling after having the baby? 2020 Q&A

– You’re not wearing that hat. – [Stephen] What you mean,
I’m wearing that hat. – You’re like obsessed with that hat. – [Stephen] You got it
for me for Christmas. – Because it is Canada hat, also before we even start this video I really want to show
the view that we have. We’re about to do this Q&A
because it is seriously unreal, like I cannot stop looking out there. – [Stephen] Look at this view guys. – [Jess] Frozen Lake, snow touched trees. – [Stephen] With a beautiful
mountain in the background, we’re currently in Jasper in Canada. – Wow.
– Amazing. Canada series, starts
this Sunday, very exciting but before that we really
wanted to have the first video of the year being our Q&A, because every year we always
start the year with a Q&A. So, Q&A time? – I’m wearing the hat. – I know you’re gonna wear the hat. (Stephen laughs) I guess this is the only
time you gonna wear the hat this year probably. I can’t imagine us doing
anymore winter stuff for a bit. – Oh yeah true. – But anyway we’ve got a tea. I don’t know how my voice sounds on camera but I’ve been having issues with my voice, this all this whole week. – She got it on the flight over
from Europe to Canada and– – Yeah and now feeling fine, it’s just really affected my throat. So I was like, “Okay let’s
just drink a hot drink, “so we can chat for the Q&A.” But, yeah a bunch of you guys every year, you send questions in, kind of reflecting on the year that’s been and also questions about
the year that’s coming. So I think it’s like a nice
way to start each year. – Yeah definitely and
you guys sent through so many fun questions. So we’re going to answer
as many as possible. – Yes I’ve got them all here. So the first question is one
of the most common questions. Was, “What was your favorite
country you visited in 2019?” – Oh wow. – Yeah do you know how
many we went to this year? – I think we went to about 23 and this also brings us
to over 80 countries. – Which is insane,
– It’s a lot of countries. – how many countries we’ve
been to over the last 4 years. – Yeah it’s hard to choose your favorite but I think for 2019. – Yeah. – My favorite country
we went to was probably the Philippines. – Oh yeah. – I think that was amazing, there was like a lot of
diversity in what we did. We were there for three whole weeks, and it started off inside
Manila like a major city but we left and we went
and hiked to Rice Terraces. We camped on an active volcano. – That was fun.
– And then we went to this amazing island, oh the underwater cave. – Oh I forgot that.
– totally forgot about that. – Yes one of the natural
wonders of the world we visited. – The Philippines is amazing
and it’s one of those places, where I feel like we’re just
going to keep going back because we’ve seen the two
islands out of so many. – So many islands. – So I could already
see us going back there, absolutely love it. – I know, I’m surprised it took us so long to get to the Philippines
’cause in Australia, Southeast Asia is pretty
much our backyard. – Yeah and Philippines is one
of our last Asian countries. – Yeah it was yeah. For me it has to be India, I think it’s just one of
those countries that you go to and it’s unlike anything
you’ve ever been before. I mean it’s chaotic,
it’s loud, it’s noisy. – Like I never forget the first
time we were going to Delhi ’cause suddenly it hits you
with all these new smells, people everywhere, monkeys
flying above you on the air. Street poles and stuff
like that, I was like what is this place?
– I’m pretty sure, we’re driving to our hotel
after a long day of travel and there’s a wedding
going in front of us. – Yes.
– It was just so amazing. So we went in Delhi
which is a very cool city but of course with India
everyone will tell you, “You need to leave the major city.” As with most countries,
we went to the North, went on a train ride. – We were there for the Holi festival. – Yeah which was so much
fun, ate so much good food. – I can’t take you seriously
with this hat one. (laughs) – What do you mean? You bought it for me for Christmas. (couple laughs) – Yeah I would say yeah
Philippines, India. Those two, there were two
amazing trips for 2019. – Yeah we can highly recommend them, if you have ever thought
about them got to them and you’ll have the best time. – Yeah they’re awesome. Which goes into out
next question which is, “What was your best dish of 2019?” – Everything we ate in India. (laughs) – I already knew that’s
exactly what you’re gonna say. We were obsessed with the food in India, we just love I guess the
spices and the flavors and we love curry’s and we
love them Noon and the Chai and we were so obsessed
that after three weeks, we ate Indian food for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. We thought we’ll get sick of it, we went to Korea, straight after India and we literally looked
for an Indian restaurant. – Yah we craved. – We still felt like it,
of course it wasn’t as good as the real stuff in India. But oh my gosh the food
in India is amazing. And a lot of you guys actually
asked us if we got sick and we didn’t get sick,
during the whole three weeks. – So many on our videos in India
and all other ones as well, people like, “Okay you
obviously got sick after it.” – We didn’t.
– Not once in India did we get sick. – I think we were really
fussy with where we ate and we also had a local
guide who would tell us, where was clean. And then if we wanted to
be really adventurous, we will go on a food
tour with a local person. So we were very cautious of where we ate but the food is amazing. – Yeah definitely a recommendation, if you guys are in a country where maybe you’re unsure about the food. Go on a food tour because one, just think, they the best spots ’cause
they’re generally run by locals and two they run a business
so they’re not gonna take you to a restaurant that
you’re going to get sick and then immediately
give them a bad review. So like you can generally trust. That’s why we go on
food tours because one, they take you to the best spots
and two, you can trust them. – Yeah alright next question, “What was our main travel goal for 2019?” So I feel like we had two goals in 2019. – Yep. – One was to be more
spontaneous with our trips. – Yes ’cause I think of the year before, like we planned out most of the year at the beginning of the year. Like we sat down like, “Cool this is where we’re wanna go.” So I think in 2019 we were like, “Hey you know it would
be so much fun to just, “rock up at the airport
and then find out.” And we did three spontaneous trips in 2019 and there were some of our favorite trips ’cause I’m kidding you not of
course we’re thankful enough that we travel so much but we don’t really get
that buildup an excitement before a trip ’cause we’re
going from trip to trip. – Yeah. – But arriving at the Perth airport and finding out where we’re going. Not even knowing were we’re going, it was so much fun ’cause it was like a month of excitement in one big go. It’s like lightning in
a bottle, so much fun. – Yeah so definitely we can tick off that we were more spontaneous this year. And the other thing I feel
like is we wanted to make sure, we went to some more
lesser known destinations and ones that are a
little bit more untouched. So instead of going just
to I guess Rome and Paris. – We did go to Paris. (laughs) – We did go to Paris, no
we went to Venus in Rome. But we also decided to
go to some countries that I guess were never
really on our radar, like Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Romania. – Yeah and they were some
of our favorite places because one there were
like no tourist there and it felt almost untouched. Like we had to do a lot
of research on where to go ’cause usually if you go into Paris, you can easily find out what to do. But like Slovakia just
plan the entire toad trip. – That was fun. – That was so much fun. – Like no it was really fun to plan it. – Mhmm. – Like I had, I was Googling
I could barely find anything on it. So was like I’m winging this Steve and that’s why when we
went I actually booked all the accommodations
without showing Stephen, so by call that it’s kind
of like a little surprise for him as well. – Yeah that’s fine, I
liked how you did that. – And those trips were again
some of our favorite this year. Okay now moving more into the new year. – Yeah. – A lot of people were asking, ” What are our three bucket list countries “that we want to try and
visit this year and on?” – Oh wow okay I mean I
still feel like every year, we’re gonna put it on the list. – Norway? – Antarctica. (couple laugh) – It’s always, so there’s like countries that we still haven’t done
and their always in our list. So it’s Norway, Antarctica. – I really wanna go to like
Buton or something like that. I’ve seen so many people go there in 2019 and I was convinced to go to Buton. – Yeah that would be pretty cool. – So let’s–
– Really. So okay let’s do that then
Norway, Antarctica, Buton. Not sure if they’re
gonna happen this year. – I hope to say no, Antarctica
is not gonna happen this year because it never happens every year. – Well we could go to
Antarctica with a one month old. – Oh yeah (Jess laughs) (Stephen laughs) – Okay another question is, “Will you ever do another
flying The Nest expedition?” So maybe first explain what they are, if no one knows what that is. – Yeah so 2019 a goal
of ours was travel more with you guys because it’s
just so incredible to meet you on the road. And for everyone that
comes and says hi to us, thank you so much we really appreciate it. And you guys love travel so much, so in 2019 we did like a
Flying The Nest Expedition. Where a bunch of you guys
came traveling with us and we planned an eight
day trip through Vietnam. – Yeah it was like a
Vietnamese expedition. – It was so much fun like
we absolutely loved it ’cause we love traveling with people. – Yeah. – Now we were gonna have a second Flying The Nest Expedition. – That was actually meant to
be happening in few months. – No it’s meant to be
happening right now in January. – Oh yeah so we actually
wanted to do a second one to Iceland. But then we decided to try for a baby and we weren’t sure if
the timing would be right. – ‘Cause we’d hate if we got pregnant when we thought we would and
then Jess would be too sick and then we’d have to cancel you guys. – Yeah but now knowing ’cause I ended up not really
getting sick this pregnancy, I totally could have done an expedition but we’re playing it safe so
that ended up falling through but.. – If you guys want to do an expedition and then we might just
have a small little tracker that’s with us. But if you wanna do one, I’ll leave a link to our expeditions page and you can go fill in some entries there and also leave some suggestions on where you guys would
like to go on an expedition. – Yeah I think that would be cool, definitely still want to do one. Okay so we actually
had a lot of questions, asking, how I’m feeling, how my doing with the
pregnancy within our travels, and how I’m going finding
traveling while pregnant. And I know it doesn’t sound it right now because I do have a bit of a sore throat. At the moment by the way
I’m 20 weeks pregnant, so I’m half way through my pregnancy and working out how many
countries that I’ve been to, since I found out I was pregnant. It was like 15 or something. – I think about 15. – Which I did not expect, like I really thought
I was going to be sick and I was going to find it really hard. But luckily so far I’ve had
a pretty cruisey pregnancy, nothing’s gone wrong I have a, they call it, “A low risk pregnancy.” So there’s nothing
that’s really gone wrong, that’s had to stop me from doing things. So I found traveling
to be exactly the same, the only thing is I’m just more cautious. So the other day we went
hiking through an icy Canyon and so I had a guide there and
I just told him to treat me, like I was this 80 year old woman, who just had a hip replacement and he said to walk really slowly and made sure I don’t slip over. And he was so good it helped me out, so things like that just making sure I’m a little bit more
cautious with what I do. Try not go on too many local flights because they do make me feel
like just dehydrated I guess and again I got sick on one, ’cause they say have a bit
of a lower immune system when you’re pregnant. So I’ve been trying to
stay fit and healthy. – I think you’ve been
such a trooper though, like we’ve done some crazy
things especially here in Canada. Like you doing simple things. – Like what did I do? Dog sled in Finland. – Yeah well there’s a lot
of fun stuff here in Canada. – Yeah you guys will see. – Like you got some
probably adventurous stuff that I think most
pregnant people would be, a little cautious. – Yeah I just feel confident and haven’t done anything
too crazy and yeah. So I feel pretty good about that and what’s really cool is
this week was the first week that we actually, well I
started feeling the baby move for the first time. So that’s it also really cool ’cause it makes it feel more real. ‘Cause the feeling before that, you’re like you see your belly growing, be like it could have just
been like a Christmas belly, you know (Stephen laughs). It doesn’t feel like you’re pregnant but once you start feeling the baby move, is like you have little alien inside of you.
– Can’t wait till I can feel. – I know I think they
said like another month, you’d be able to feel.
– Okay. – Which would be pretty cool. – And a lot of you are asking
the gender of the baby, so we’re flying home in
like a few days time, so Jess can have the 20 week ultrasound. – Yes and then you will find out, so I think at the end of January, you will all find out the gender. I’m try to think of any other questions that were about the baby. Everyone was asking about
the name of the baby, which we’ll announce when
we have had the baby. But we named our babies back where we were like 20 years old. (Stephen laughs)
So whatever name we choose, like if it’s a boy or a girl. This baby has been named for like 9 years. – Wow. – Which is pretty cool we never
like swayed from the names. – I can imagine if there
baby’s born and we’re like, “You don’t look like that name.” (laughs) – That’s why we’re not saying the name, we don’t know but if it’s
probably gonna be the names we already have chosen ages go. And then yeah we have
to go home soon to do the 20 week ultrasound. And then we’ll keep on trying
and traveling until I think 30 or 32 weeks is when I’m not allowed to fly on the plane anymore. – And she is 20 weeks right now. – Yeah so I still got like
10 weeks of adventures. Alright, I can ask this one to you. – Okay. – Cause I just answered a bunch
of questions about the baby. “How does it feel going into a new decade, “knowing that you’re going to be parents?” – Wow that’s a cool question. I’m excited, I’m definitely ready for it. I think when we wanted
to have kids definitely, Jess was the one that
was pushing it for a lot longer than me.
– I’ve like wanted kids for like 5 years. – And I’ve always wanted kids but I think I’ve always
felt this responsibility without family to make
sure that we have an income like a stable business because I was like, if we’re gonna bring a baby
into the world two years ago, wow that just would
not have been possible. ‘Cause we just had like no money then. So I think now over the
last year and a half, I’ve been fully invested in becoming a dad and I’m so excited to like
bring on this new decade. Totally ready ’cause 2020
we turn 30 so I’m just, it’s like the next chapter of your lives and I’ve heard so many people say that, when you become a parent
everything before that, almost have no meaning. You know, saying it in the nicest way because then you just focus
on bringing up this child. – I do though, so I’ve been
wanting like a baby for ages but Stephen is the more, what’s the word? Rational one (Stephen laughs), like he will, he knows
when the time is right. And he said now is the time,
which is actually really good because we ended up getting
to have our entire 20s to be very selfish. – Yes. – We’ve been together
for our time 20s as well. – Yes. – So we had like a good 10 years, where it’s just been you and me. Doing what we want, starting
our business, traveling, we got our degrees. So I do you definitely
feel like it’s kind of nice stepping into a new decade, we’re now gonna be walking to our 30s and I guess then the next 10 to 20 years is gonna be all about the… – Yeah.
– All about the baby. – I totally ready for the baby ’cause– – We want it to come
now, I’m like 20 weeks, can’t the baby be due like 3 months. – I know were here in
Canada and we’re like, “how much more fun will be if we had a little baby here.
– If we had a baby. (couple laughs) “Will you still vlog
at home with the baby?” So as you guys have heard me just say, after around 32 weeks, I think I’m not allowed to fly anymore. Which means that I will be home
for the time up to the baby and then of course once I’ve had the baby, I’m not going to go traveling
again straight away. – ‘Cause we kind of want
to enjoy having a newborn and I suppose… – We can’t just go ahead off, not really two week old
into the Amazon jungle. – And I think people say about 3 months because of course the
baby needs vaccination. – So it would be nice to have
three or four months at home just being a family. But we would love to document that time because a baby is only a new
born for a little bit of time and we already so used
to documenting our lives, so of course we want to try
and capture those first months with a newborn. So definitely going to be
filming our time at home. – And you guys let us know, like what would you like to see, when we’re all being at home.
– Yes. – More just family vlogs? Because of course we’re
not going to be traveling for that little bit.
– No. But you can get a little insight for the first three months
about what it’s like, as new parents who haven’t
stayed in one place for a long time. So it’s also going to
be quite an adjustment because usually we used
to just when we get bored, we just get off and go
on the next adventure. Where this time we actually
have to stay at home but then to be honest I
think we’ll be very bored because we’ll be looking
after a newborn baby. But yeah we definitely
want to document all that, so let us know if that’s
what you want to see. But we’re thinking of doing
maybe like a weekly video, update you guys and what’s
been going on that week and kind of capturing
that time in our life, before we head off again, okay. So another question, now we have actually quite
a few new subscribers here. – Yes and thank you so much. We hit 700,000 subscribers
at the start of the year, wow thank you guys so much. – It’s crazy.
– We don’t thank you enough for all this. – It’s like a cool way to
start the year as well. – Amazing way to start the
year so thank you so much. – And a question we keep getting asked because we have so many new people is, “How did you guys meet?” – Yeah so if you guys didn’t know, so me and Jess have been
married for two years now. – Yep. – Two and a bit years
and we’ve been together for 12 years? – Yep. – Yeah so we have known
each other in high school and that’s where we first met. – We met when we were 13. – Yes. – And he was like the new kid
in my high school in grade 9 and then we started dating on
graduation out of high school. So 17 and now we’re 29. – Yeah. – So it’s been a long time. – Yeah we pretty much known each other and grown up with each other
which I think is pretty cool. – Yeah so I guess and that’s another thing is a lot of people ask
us in questions like, “How do you spend so much time together?” Or “Do you fight when you travel?” Or “Do you get on each others nerves?” But I do think if you like
grown up with someone, I don’t know. – You kinda know each other…
– You know each other. – You know each other, what
would make each other tick and if you need space and
all that type of stuff. So we kinda understand,
like if I’m in a grumpy mood which we all get, we like all humans. – We never take it to
heart and kind of know that they just having a
bad day or something,. – Yeah.
– ‘Cause it happens in travel. – ‘Cause things go wrong and yeah. – So I think that’s also
helped with the whole, ’cause we’ve been together
like every day for 5 years. – Pretty much, even more before yeah 5 years every day.
– That’s a long time. – I think there’s like one
night when I flew to Sydney to get a Russian visa
– to get a Russian visa. and it was so weird and it’s like 4:00 a.m and I remember and like
messaged and I’m like, “You alive.” (couple laughs) It was so weird, okay next question. “What are your travel plans for 2020?” Now we have touched on
this on another video but I think would be nice
to put it in this video to look back one. – Yep.
– But I’ll let you explain ’cause I’m going to lose my voice. (Stephen laughs) – So of course now it’s January, it’s the first week of
January and we fly home in two days time and
we were just in Canada. Now Jess needs to do
her 20 week ultrasound so probably, we actually
going home to your mom’s for her 60th. – Yes. – So we going to Can’s for a week and then we’re gonna go home for a week so we can get all the
scans, go see the doctors. – And see family. – And of course see our family.
– And our friends. – And then after that I think we’ve had like a very cold last few months. So I think we gonna go and warm up. – Yeah. So we’re thinking maybe the South Pacific. – Yes we’ve never flogged
like Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahidi. – Yeah so if there’s any like countries or islands you guys want to see, like how to travel all
those type of things. Leaving below because we
haven’t fully planned it. We are gonna start planning
over the next two weeks, we just need some sunshine I think. – Yes and I think as well by then, I’m sure I’m gonna start
getting quite like a big belly and it would be nice just to be relaxing. – Jess said she wants to be on the beach with the coconut resting on her belly. – Yeah so I want it to grow. I’m like come one I
want a really big belly. And you just like sipping
on the coconut on the beach, enjoying your second trimester before it starts getting hard. – Yes. – ‘Cause I’ve heard
the 3rd trimester hard, so South Pacific.
– So that could take us through February maybe
will end up in Hawaii, like work our way up there. – Yeah we’re also thinking
of going to the South Pacific ending in Hawaii and then
when I have to come home, we come home.
– Come home. And we’ll probably nest the
Nest in like April, May. So we don’t know what to do
between February and April, if you guys have any
suggestions for warm countries let us know below. – That’s safe for pregnant people. – Yes of course and then of
course we’ll be with the baby, May, June, July maybe we’ll
start traveling again in August of course–
– August, September. – We’re going to see how
things are, I think… – I think by then as well ’cause we would have just
had a winter in Perth, then were going to want
to go in and warm places. – Yeah which would be
the northern hemisphere. – Yes and also I’m dying
to back to Southeast Asia. – Yes, oh maybe we can take
the baby to the Philippines. – That would be amazing.
– That would be fun. – I definitely, I can see
us in the end of the year just wanting to go to like Southeast Asia. – Yeah I think we wanna
go take her to Canada, the baby to Canada and of
course we’re having Christmas in South Africa that’s like definite. So that’s the end but 2020 is very up in the air at the moment. – It’s kinda hard to plan
when a new little one is coming into your life and
you haven’t met them yet, so I don’t know what
their interests are yet. – Philippines. – Hopefully. (couple laughs) Okay and the last question, we
saved the most asked question for last. – Yes. – Will we continue traveling with a baby? Now we’ve had so many comments saying, well they think that once the baby comes, we’re going to stop traveling. – Yes. – Even though we told you
guys that we definitely want to keep coddling traveling. So don’t worry traveling
is like our passion it’s our business, it’s what we love, like it’s what I want to spend
the rest of my life doing. I’m still got sick of
it, I love it so much. I got home for a week
and I’m already itching to go away again. – We just see this is like
the next chapter in our lives. – And of course it’s
going to be different, but there’s so many
different ways to travel and I just feel like bringing
up a baby in a world, where they get to experience… Like imagine having your first
food in a certain country, and your first walk in
a certain country in. Meeting all these cultures
and all these people from around the world as
you’re growing mentally. Honestly that’s amazing, so we definitely want to keep traveling. – We definitely plan to
not stop at the moment. – And we love to capture things, so again we want to film all
these amazing experiences that were about to capture. Like this new little person in the world is gonna experience all these new things and we get to capture it and
they get to watch back on it. Like imagine you as an adult
if you’re out age 30 years old and you’re able to go and
look back on you growing up in the world. – Yeah. – How cool would that be? Like I have a few home videos but it wouldn’t be fully documented. – You know what I think is even crazier, is imagine if you could
watch videos of your parents. – Yes, ’cause when you like a kid you don’t think your
parents are real people, you know what I mean. Mom, dad you didn’t do this. – No you can’t imagine them
having a life before you. – Yes so true. – It’s like so selfish
as like a little kid. But like imagine being
able to like be older and watching back videos of your parents and the way they were before you and… – Yeah what we wore goofy hats. – Yeah (laughs) goofy hats. So I just think that’s pretty cool. I feel like I just went off tangent there but yeah that is the end of our 2020 Q&A. – I hope you enjoyed
it, we love doing these, if you guys have anymore questions, please leave them in the comments below. – We’ll jump on there and
answer as many as we can. – Yeah but Sunday should
be the first Canada vlog. We’ve filmed three episodes
here and then after that, we have our Estonia and – Budapest.
– Budapest vlog and then maybe the Greece one.
– Lot’s to come. – We’ve got lots of fun
stuff coming your way guys. – Yes. – But thanks so much for watching, we really appreciate your support. If you just found this video
please do hit subscribe. Thank you guys we’ll see you in 2020. – Yes, bye.


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