World Tour at the locals season 3 – Final

While on a World Trip at Locals’, we’re meeting people and we’re sharing moments with them and especially we’re learning their history, their ways of eating, cooking, living It’s about a world trip at Locals’ but it’s a real world tour we really go around the planet and nobody’s better than a local person who can explain us the country he’s living in When I was in Vietnam, and there were these children They were too curious when they saw us arriving to their village So I brought out my sketch book and started to draw one of the little girls and then, their way of looking at me changed I was no longer an exotic person, too different from them I become a sort of magician who can draw that little girl and it was really fascinating Togo was one of the most exotic destinations It was also the place where we had the least of things because we were living in a house without water no electricity How much water did I bring? Can I take a shower? With all these children who were running all around, playing It’s true that I really appreciated this destination and met lots of people with whom I hope to stay in contact We’ve met extraordinary people in each country, who welcomed us with open arms It’s like these 2 and a half months were 10 years! It’s just crazy!

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