WORLDS BIGGEST MARKET – Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok Thailand

I’m not getting a ton of B-Roll today because
it’s so freaking hot! But i’m trying, i’m trying. It may not be the best but i’m trying. What’s up guys welcome back to another video. We are here at the Thailand Weekend Market,
which is the largest weekend market in the entire world. Stacia knows all the details, all the facts
that I will spew out throughout the day. First and foremost I don’t know how to pronounce
it I think it’s “Jatujak”or “Chatuchak” Weekend Market. Anyway, we’re here and I’m pumped. So there are 27 sections in this market. We are right now in the houseware and art
section which is beautiful. There is a pet section which we’re excited
to go to, food which i’m definitely stoked about. They import like illegal animals. I want to take home a Puma or a Lion. Ha a Puma. These things are awesome they’re like handcrafted
fish made out of car parts and bike parts and kitchen utensils. One thing you want to make sure of is dress
light. It is like 97 degrees out today and humid
and at least you’re not in the sun in here though. But, it’s hot. We just got here but we’re already going to
get some coconut ice cream. It looks so good I had this in the Philippines
and they actually like cut the coconut, you get like a little baby coconut, and then they
put the ice cream inside the coconut and you get to eat the ice cream and the inside of
the coconut it’s so good. Thank you. Pumpkin, red bean, pineapple, sticky rice,
coconut jelly. We got coconut jelly, pineapple, and I don’t
know why but I put peanuts on there. Mmm, very refreshing. This thing is huge. Like we only went through like 5 minutes of
this thing. It’s 35 acres big. Are we even going to make it that long? We’re going to die in here. Yeah. So now we are out here on the street and it
just goes forever. So we were in like the little alleyways back
there and those were all like the different sections. This is just like right out in the middle
of the main road its freaking awesome. From coconut ice cream to mango smoothie. Thank you! I’m just going to suction this to my throat
so it chills me. So far everything here is great I mean the
prices are super cheap and you can haggle with people to get the price down. I did find a bag that I want to get, you guys
know me I’m a bag junkie. Bags and pizza. So this area is where they store all the bikes,
where people come and drop off their bikes to go shopping. There’s so many bikes in here look at this. I’ve never seen this many bikes before it’s
crazy! Stacia is getting her shopping on. I just love the shirts here they’re such good
styles and each shirt is like 3 dollars. Good? Got your hands full? I’m a little full right now. Thank you, you too. Ah yeah I got some women’s tank tops. Your’e going to look good in those. I thought the Platinum Mall was good for clothes
but this place is amazing. It’s a little bit higher quality which I really
appreciate and I think it’s a little bit less expensive. I just got two really nice tank tops each
for 100 Baht. I didn’t even barter because I felt guilty
paying only 3 dollars for a shirt that I really liked so definitely come here if your’e looking
to shop they have new clothes and like used vintage clothes too which is really cool. This is how big the market is look at that. Let’s get to the pet section. I want my Puma. Okay we found the illegal pet section. I still don’t see any Pumas though. So really like everywhere you turn there is
just another alley. There’s another isle here, there’s an isle
over here, there’s an isle back this way everywhere you look it’s just filled with stuff I can’t
believe how big this is. Alright we’re getting into Stacia’s territory
all the food. They pretty much have like any food you can
think of and it’s all fairly inexpensive too. Alright i’m getting fried chicken on a stick. Hello, fried chicken. Yes please. Thank you! Look at this thing it’s so good just fried
chicken breast all white meat it’s so good. This is my jam I might take the train all
the way over here everyday just to get this. We didn’t tell you guys, you gotta follow
us on Instagram if you haven’t yet. Because we post stories, we post a lot of
stories. But listen, so the other night, there’s this
place called ChoBan? Bon Chon. Bon Chon and it’s a fried chicken place. On the menu it looked like they had chicken
nuggets like these little pieces of chicken. A small was 6 pieces, the medium was 10 pieces
and the large was 18 pieces so Ryan thought he could take some home and he got the large. And they were just like little small nuggets. A gentlemen comes over to our table and he
starts pointing to another table and we’re like huh? And we look over and they are carrying a tray,
two trays of 18 chicken breasts it was huge! Then they had to move us to a different table
so we could fit it all. Every single person in the restaurant was
looking at us and were like what the heck. All the employees there, they were just like
astonished they were like what are these white people doing with all this chicken. It was a sight to see. I saved the story as a highlight so go follow
our Instagram page and right on the top you’ll see a bunch of highlights click on the Thailand
one you gotta see how much chicken there was. We still have like 8 pieces left in the fridge
in our hotel room. It was really good, really really good but
it was super spicy we were dripping with sweat our lips were burning. I think I was probably snotting a little bit
but it was so worth it. Okay we’re on our way to find a Puma I don’t
know where the Pumas are but we’re gonna find one. I don’t know I don’t think there’s animals
Stacia said she read online that there was like a whole section like section 13 they
say. We asked somebody, we think we may have found
some sort of area where they might be. We’re being questioned somebody wants to interview
us. Say hi, say hi. Hi! Still on the hunt for those pets man. The Pumas are in Zone D so we’re on our way
there. Zone D baby here we come. There are so many people here I read that
everyday there are 200-300 thousand visitors to this entire market which I can’t even fathom
that many people in this space but, it’s busy. So this would be like the area where you can
buy Koi Fish for your Koi ponds and other fish for your aquarium and things like that. Although I still don’t see like animal animals
I just see fish. Woah look at these things. Look at the size of that white one! Ah right here this is life right here this
huge fan. This is what it’s all about. Can we just stand here all day? I think we finally found some animals. Look at they got turtles. They got little foxes over here. I hear birds, that is not a healthy bird right
there. Stacia just made a very good point, probably
should not eat food in this area. We found puppies. Yeah but how are they healthy in this heat? Aw look at these little guys. They’re so cute. These poor little guys. It’s a mix. No photo you. No photo. Yeah it’s pretty sad walking through here
cause they really don’t take care of these animals. Some of the puppies are looking pretty bad. Is that an ostrich? Look at the size of this cat! You’re a big boy. This little guy. Check out these iguanas I used to have two
iguanas actually. This is a bearded dragon I used to have one
of these too his name was toker. Those poor animals I just wanted to scoop
them all up and take them home with me it’s really sad they’re in the worst conditions
possible. So to make us feel better we’re gonna go have
a foot massage right now are you ready? So ready. This guy is taking us to the foot massage
place. Very worth it I think it cost us like 12 bucks
for the two of us for 30 minutes. So good. So good, wow. It’s all you need 30 minutes I feel like a
whole new person. That’s it? Our toesies feel good. We’re trying to find section 10 right now
because I found a bag that I want and I’m trying to get back to it but we’re lost because
everything in here all looks the same. And it’s like a huge maze. Rule number 1 if you come here and you see
something that you want just buy it right away because you will never find it again. We just walked around this whole place just
to find this bag that I wanted it was worth it, wait now we’re gonna get lost again. Stacia is going for the choco nana. Look at that thing. There’s aways money in the banana stand. If you know that reference leave a comment
below and you’re really part of the DBV Fam. Alright guys so that’s it we are sweating
up a storm right now and we are done walking around this place. It is crazy you gotta come here and see this
every weekend they do this the biggest weekend market in the world. Saturday and Sunday from 9am-6pm in like Northern
Bangkok you can take the BTS here really easily. Yeah it was super fast to get here and it
was cheap it was like 50 Baht for both of us. Anyway, so thanks so much for watching guys,
if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button on your way out and we’ll see you guys
in the next video. Seeya!


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