Yugioh: Ants at a Picnic – Part 2

Draw 2 turns already? Instant Fusion’s mine! I’ll Summon Madolche Mewfeuille and use its effect Summoning Madolche Hootcake. Next, Instant Fusion Summoning Fusionist. Then, I’ll overlay Mewfeuille and Fusionist to Xyz Summon M-X-Saber Invoker then use its effect to Summon Messengelato. Then its effect, fetching Madolche Ticket. Next, I’ll use Hootcake’s effect, banishing Fusionist and Summon from the deck, another Messengelato. And its effect will fetch Madolche Chateau. So, I’ll activate Ticket and Chateau. Then I’ll overlay both Messengelatos to Xyz Summon Madolche Queen Tiaramisu and use its effect, targeting Chateau and Ticket. I’ll Chain Threatening Roar. Chateau and Ticket return to the deck and so does Inzektor Hopper. Then Ticket’s effect goes off. So, I’ll Summon a third Messengelato and fetch Madolche Lesson. I’ll Set 2 cards, and it’s your move. Draw After you draw… I’ll use The Transmigration Prophecy to return Messengelato back to the deck and Inzektor Hornet. Ticket’s effect goes off, so I’ll fetch Madolche Magileine. I’ll use Upstart Goblin. Draw I’ll Summon Inzektor Ladybug. And I’ll equip Zektkaliber. Then Armor Blast, destroying Zektkaliber, Chateau, and Ticket. Zektkaliber gets back Dragonfly. Then Ladybug’s effect equips Inzektor Giga-Mantis. Ladybug attacks Hootcake. Set one, go ahead. Draw In Standby, I’ll use my Trap, Needle Ceiling! I’ll Summon Magileine. And fetch Hootcake. Then, I’ll attack! I’ll Set a card. Go ahead. Draw I’ll Summon Dragonfly. And equip Ladybug. Send it to the grave to gain 2 levels. Dragonfly’s effect Summons Centipede. Equip Ladybug, and gain 2 levels. And I’ll fetch Giga-Mantis. Then I’ll overlay them to Xyz Summon Inzektor Exa-Stag. I’ll equip Giga-Mantis. Then use Exa-Stag’s effect to equip your Magileine. That’ll make its ATK 3100. Attack! I’ll use my Set card, Defense Draw. So no damage, and I draw card. Go ahead. Draw I’ll Summon Hootcake and use its effect, banishing Invoker, and Summon Madolche Puddingcess. Next, I’ll activate Madolche Ticket. Then, I’ll use Madolche Lesson returning Messengelato back to the deck and all Madolches gain 800 ATK. Ticket’s effect goes off so I’ll Summon Messengelato, and fetch Madolche Chateau. Now, Breakthrough Skill’s effect in the graveyard. Banishing it, to negate Exa-Stag. Then I’ll activate Chateau returning all Madolches from the grave, back to the deck. And now, I’ll attack! I’ll Set a card. And it’s your move. Draw I’ll use Dark Eruption to get back Dragonfly. And I’ll Summon it. Equip Ladybug, and gain 2. And I’ll Summon Inzektor Giga-Mantis. Next, Insect Imitation, Tributing Dragonfly to Summon Inzektor Giga-Weevil. Then I’ll overlay those monsters to Xyz Summon Inzektor Exa-Beetle Its effect equips Giga-Mantis. Then its other effect will send Giga-Mantis and Puddingcess to the grave. Giga-Mantis’ effect Summons Dragonfly. Equip Ladybug, and gain 2. Then I’ll Summon Inzektor Hornet. Then Hornet will gain 2 levels. Then I’ll overlay those monsters to Summon Exa-Stag And it’s effect will equip Hootcake. Then I’ll upgrade both my monsters to Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger. Then I’ll attack! Ticket’s effect fetches Madolche Mewfeuille Your move. Draw You ready for some fun? I’ll use Madolchepalooza Summoning all the Madolches in my hand. I’ll use Cruffsant’s effect bouncing Ticket to the hand, and gain 1 level. Then I’ll overlay it with Messengelato to Summon Tiaramisu, and now its effect. Returning Puddingcess and Messengelato my hand and shuffling both your monsters back to the deck. Then, I’ll attack! Aw yeah, boy! Holy piss! You’re freaking good dude! Thanks buddy. You can duel with us any day you want. Oh baby. And someday we’ll annihilate Onomatopoeia’s team. Maybe… Aw yeah! On the road to become a pro!

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